FBA products not showing available when registered for EFN


Hi there,

I’ve been chasing to get my EFN activated- It’s showing activated on the settings for the last 2 months however its showing inactive-out of stock in the other EU markets. I’ve chased seller support and they keep saying it should be working however it is not…

Can anyone help or advise on why this is and how can I get it to work? I’ve been so excited for this moment and it just wont work!

Thank you :slight_smile:


Same - Support are useless as never get back and can never speak to anyone about this.

Have tried everything but to no avail.


I have exactly the same issue. Did you get ever get it working?


We enrolled for EFN right at the beginning … months ago now. We got the invite in November last year. We also enabled it in settings in January this year.

To date, not a single item is available on EFN. The rollout was supposed to have finished by now.


Unfortunately not, I’ve read that offers need to be active in all market places (which they are) but it still does not show up for some reason. I’ve raised this with the support team however they are never able to advise on this. Really want to get back on this as pre brexit we were doing well in those markets but not well enough to be VAT registered there just yet. I think I’m going to chase them until I get an answer and will keep you posted if I have any luck with this!


Have you changed your address to one in the same country as the listing you are looking at?
If not, it won’t appear when you look at it. Unless of course you have it set for global shipping.

In short, just because the item isn’t showing when you look, does not mean that it’s not available. As long as the listing itself is showing active.


I think this is a phase programme

and eventually will be rolled out until middle of June 2022


We only have 1 SKU which enrolled so far, all our other FBA items are deemed not eligible due to “import and export restrictions prevent this product from being sold in the selected country”

Does everyone else see this message? or could this be an issue with our products?