FBA Reconciliation discrepancies


I sent my first FBA shipment last week and have had an email back to say that they have received 8 less of item A but 10 more than listed of item B.

I double / triple counted everything before shipping and we physically didn’t have an excess of item B to have sent them 10 extra.

Wondering what to do …shall I ask them to return the extra 10 and send them the supposedly missing 8.

Is it normal for there to be issues with FBA reconciliation ?


In my experience there are discrepancies all the time. The detail in the Shipping Queue is totally flawed and there is no single reliable way to see what happened with your inventory. To some extent you just have to suck their mistakes as a business cost unless the cost of staff time in complaining is a lot less.

Chances are they booked them in correctly and are just reporting it wrongly so look at the quantities in “Inventory | Manage FBA Inventory” and/or look in “Reports | Fulfilment by Amazon | Received Inventory” and “Inventory Adjustments” to see what actually went on. Like I say you just can’t rely on “Inventory | Manage FBA Inventory” (“Shipping Queue”) even though you should be able to.


Am still none the wiser.

What should I do about '‘resolving’ this.

The ASIN with the 8 missing is not highlighted as requiring ‘resolving’. It appears that Amazon have simply allocated the fulfillable level as being 8 less than was sent and thats that. But it’s asking me to ‘resolve’ the supposedly extra 10 of item B. The fulfillable level shows that they have put these --phantom-- extra 10 into stock.

It’s asking me ‘acknowledge’ there is a problem. I don’t really know what the implication of accepting to ‘acknowledge’ is. Will I get a black mark against my account ? Are there only a certain number of ‘acknowledgements’ that are allowed ?

I definitely didn’t send the wrong quantities, but as the monetary value of the supposed ‘missing’ items is roughly the same value as the supposed ‘extra’ ones, overall I am not too bothered about complaining, although will if it leads to them deciding that i’m not preparing the shipments properly and stop me from using FBA.


Also, how will Amazon fulfil orders for the phantom extra stock. Does all stock from all sellers simply get amalgamated such that they’ll always have some stock from someone ?


Hello TB99,

I’m sorry to hear of this issue.

Can you please open a case to Seller Support and ask them to bin check the ASINs where overages were received? If units were received incorrectly they will then be added to the correct ASIN.



In the Reconcile tab, for your missing stock, I’m sure there are two options: ‘Never sent them to FBA’ and ‘Definitely sent to FBA; please check’. For the excess stock it’s similar: ‘Sent too many’ or ‘Definitely didn’t send too many; please check’.

It would only make sense to tell the truth here. For your missing stock you’d need to make sure you get Amazon to check the bin for them by marking the ‘please check’ option. I’ve heard stories where Amazon have miscalculated shipment contents - a discrepancy of 8 is quite high though for one product (maybe the associate was a bit tired). I’ve only ever had one discrepancy and this was resolved (found in the wrong bin) before the Reconcile tab ever opened up.

For the excess of stock, you should of course choose ‘please check’ as well. As you rightly pointed out, what are Amazon going to do when a customer orders your phantom stock? The only thing they could do is cancel the customer’s orders (which would be annoying for you as the customer might leave a negative feedback, and you’d have to complain to Amazon to get it removed), or send a piece of air to them if they’re really stupid (which, again, might result in negative feedback and FBA fees to send a cardboard box).

Once you’ve selected the ‘please check’ boxes, I’m not sure exactly how it works but I think you can just click a button and the FC will be notified to check on your stock. If they can’t resolve your discrepancies, I think that’s when you have to get Seller Support involved if you’re that bothered about getting it sorted.

And no, you certainly shouldn’t get any sort of ‘black mark’ on your account (if you do I would be very surprised). In fact, there’s a whole report on problems detected with your shipments: https://sellercentral.amazon.co.uk/gp/fba/inbound-performance/index.html/ref=ag_fbaipm_cont_xx, and Inbound Performance comes up nowhere in the Seller Performance pages. Don’t worry about it.

Oh, and before you do anything - make sure you definitely did send the missing 8 :wink:

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