FBA Removal Order not trackable


I have created amazon removal order and then amozon says they sent them via UPS on 30/11/2021 and have a tracking number. however in UPS system it doesn’t appear.

How do you track your removal shipments from amazon?

I have tried to open a case but for 2 times it is closed by a automated info reply, that has no use.



This is how returns are shown for me…All returns are shown in the Amazon fulfilment reports > Removal Order Details …and then you are able to filter up to the last 365 days. Each removable order has an order id which can be clicked. Once clicked, I click the option view all shipped items and there it shows which courier they used and the tracking numbers.


this is the page you are mentioning and it doesn’t shows the carrier. you need to go removal shipment detail and I do so, there you can download csv or txt file to see carrier and tracking numbers.

The problem is I have the carrier name (UPS) and tracking number and it is shipped 4 days ago, but UPS says this number is not trackable.


That shows the status as pending still
Have you had an email from them stating removal complete ?
The removal order ID is the amazon reference - not tracking ID


Usually, if they are shipped by UPS and the tracking number shows as invalid on the UPS website it means that it will arrive on a pallet. Our last one took a month to arrive back after dispatch and appears that UPS hand it over to UPS SCS, who in turn subcontract delivery to Palletforce. So it can take some time.

If this is the case it is completely untrackable but our local Palletforce depot gave us a call the day before delivery to book-in.


Thanks this helps me understand the process a bit better… yet its shame we cannot track our products and wait in void expectations.


I havent had an email for the completion. it might be because they havent send them in full but in partial.

For some yes and for some it shows it is shipped.

I know and as mentioned in prev message, I can see which products are shipped by carrier and tracking number. let me drop here the short version in excel:

By the way I know you are helping others in the forums and Im glad you’re also viewing this case.


we had a removal order placed 2 weeks ago and yesterday i received an email stating ‘My FBA removal request was complete’ and it arrived with me today


2 hours ago, I got the mail of order removal completion and immediately checked the tracking number again, it is still not working. Right now, only thing to do is waiting as I understand.


If you only just got the rail you should receive the goods back next week sometime

The tracking number may not be working yet if its only just been generated and not actually passed to UPS yet


For the last two weeks the items came as 1 by 1 and then in boxes of 4 and today I got the rest of 40 package as one box and today its all completed. Over all it took amazon to send packages (removal of the inventory) 30 days!


I have the same problem but not got my items yet nearly a month since the tracking number