FBA Removals / Long Term Storage Fees


Hi All

We might have some products that are going to exceed 12 months old in the FBA Storage.

We have opted out of the automated removal so will incur fees, I struggling to estimate what they may be

Almost certainly we want to keep the products, often they are one of a range (think for example shoes, and you sell 1000’s of the size nine but very few of the size 3 or 17)

So does anyone perhaps with experience have a quick answer to;

Are the Long |term fees onerous? our slow stocks are generally only a couple of small boxes at each distribution centre

If I raise a removal / destruction order can I immediately send it again to Amazon for the next 12 months?

Any help much appreciated


Hello @ Trustleaf,

Happy Monday! :slight_smile:

Hope you will get more insights from other sellers and meanwhile sharing a direct link to FBA long-term storage fees in Seller University for the revision.

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It will probably be cheaper to return the goods and then send in again. But it will depend very much on how much space they are actually taking up.


Thank you both for the replies.

I can’t help but note that the link to Long Term Storage Fees - shows two ambiguous examples stating 43p per cubic foot but don’t mention if that is for the day / week / month / year. And in that article there are links only to the reports that we don’t yet have because as yet we have nothing over 365 days

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see, when or if some of our stock ages past 365 days


Oo found it - 43p per month per cubic foot.


The new fba inventory page has a column for long term storage and notes the units and estimated fees