FBA returns policy


Hi, does anyone know what the FBA returns policy is regarding customer returns for items they have used.

We sell footwear and we have received a lot of returns with the complaint ’ Item Damaged’. On investigation we discover that the item was bought several weeks before being returned and they have been well worn to the point of falling apart.

We then have to take the hit on the refund whilst the buyer has had full use of the item and then returned it to us?

Where do we stand with being reimbursed by Amazon for these costs?

Any help/clarification will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

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To put it simply, you don’t!
The only time Amazon will reimburse you, is when it is warehouse damaged or lost.
That is one of the pitfalls of using FBA.


do you know which pair belong to which order? if so,photograph and record the packing slip to open a case, stating this is not the same condition as sold. It might get you some refund but then it might classed as customer damage, so not sure.


Yes, I’ve done that several times. I have received one reimbursement due to ‘a gesture of good will’. It’s a joke that as third party sellers we get hit with every cost.

Thanks for replying.


OK thanks. Just have to live with it then I guess!!!


You can try and chase support, but frankly any refund you get, is out of their goodwill only and it will more than likely cause you more headaches, than it’s actually worth.
Your best bet with this kind of thing is simply to get them returned to you and try to sell them off cheaply on Ebay etc.
Otherwise, you simply have to build this into your price.