FBA Sales - A Theoretical


Lets say for example we have all of our FBA stock located in French warehouses which then sell into all other EU countries.

If our French account gets suspended for defects will FBA sales from French located stock still continue into DE, ES, IT etc unaffected?

Just want to create a Plan B for worst case scenarios!


That would probably depend on why the French marketplace gets suspended?

What sort of defects might you incur as an FBA seller that would cause marketplace suspension?


A to Z for INR/Negative feedback related.

Nothing like account closure.


It would be very rare to get defects like this from FBA


Yes I know this BUT we do FBM and FBA!

If we were to suffer account suspension due to our FBM sales how might it affect our FBA stock in that same marketplace.

My hope would be that Amazon would continue to sell our FBA products to other marketplaces as those accounts are in good standing using stock sitting in suspended marketplace warehouses.


It used to be on EU sites that if you were suspended due to a-zs etc, your offers were only then eligible for FBA
So an fbm suspension technically rather than account suspension
Not sure if that’s changed ?!


Well, If you do manage to get yourself suspended then yes, your FBA listings will also be suspended.

TBH I don’t know about fulfilment to other marketplaces. If your account is suspended then it really depends on how Amazon treat your stock. For instance I believe that without a valid French FBA offer your French stock might become stranded? I really don’t know.


As TLS says, I was once suspended from the German market for FBM orders but could still do FBA

This was due to Royal Mail losing a sack of international orders in which I had 5 to Germany (the sack did eventually turn up and got delivered - but too late for the A-Z that were granted - and all appeals showing orders had been delivered (albeit late) fell on deaf ears).

Just one of the reasons I no longer do any international on Amazon - even FBA


I had it in Italy