FBA sales died on New Years Eve - none since


We make 60-100 FBA sales per day. Our sales stopped dead at 15:30 on 31 Dec 2019. Not a single one since. It may be a co-incidence, but our advertising budget maxed out at 17:00 that day. That resets daily though, so all should have been well the next day.

I’ve just checked pending orders and there are over 70 in there from the 31st right up to an hour or so ago. Do FBA not ship on New Year’s Day and therefore put every order pending?

I’m getting a bit worried - I called SS but they were no help at all.


It’s quite normal…we experienced the same both this year and in previous.

You should find a couple of bumper days follow as the pending orders are processed and then it’ll be back to normal.


I’ve just looked back through last year’s emails and it looks like the same thing happened - everything died at about 4pm on 31st then started up again about 11am on 2nd Jan. I didn’t notice it then though.

Whew. That’s a relief. I wish SS were better briefed on this. The guy there was absolutely useless.


I wouldn’t worry, we have 117 pending orders at the moment and only 12 have been dispatched in the last 3 days. The same thing happened last year, we expect they will start going out overnight.