FBA Sales Seem Lower As FBM Sales Increase?


Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this, but basically, we added approx 50 asins on Friday that are all FBM. Since adding them we have seen a vast increase in our FBM sales, from 2 or 3 per day to 30+ per day, but our FBA sales have declined from an average of 73 per day to an average of 48 per day.

Obviously, it could just be coincidence but I’m wondering whether the increase of FBM sales has negatively impacted our FBA sales and if so should I think again with regards to FBM?


There does appear to be a direct correlation between your two sets of figures…
Maybe there is a ceiling for the number of overall sales you can expect, and by adding FBM [cheaper?] then you took away from your own FBA sales.


Our FBA products are different to that of our FBM products but we’ve seen the same… strong sales of FBM after 7pm and a strong decline in FBA… I suspect maybe people viewing and bookmarking for black friday…


Yeah that’s what worries me. I had asked previously whether there’s some sort of ceiling but the consensus seemed to be that there isn’t, however I’m not so convinced.

Wondering whether to try switching on holiday mode tomorrow (to disable FBM listings) to see if there’s any truth to it.


The FBM listings we added are all different to the FBA listings. It just seems really odd that we’ve had a consistent 70+ sales per day and adding 50 FBM asins that are selling really well have not resulted in an overall boost in sales.


Over the last 2 years, we have moved 95% over to FBA. At the beginning of this month, we shipped in our last consignment before the year end. We are however noticing that some of our ASIN’s are getting a bit low but we have made the decision not to send in any more stock and just convert to FBM if the items run out, I hope we are making the correct decision.