FBA Sales where Amazon honour refund outside of the 30 day return period



I’m trying to get my head around the returns policy. So I’m currently going through my FBA reports because I’ve had it highlighted to me for areas of which reimbursements may be due.

In particular orders that have been refunded after the 30 day returns window as per policy has lapsed. I have read the policy and it states Amazon case specific may make exceptions outside that time period.

My question is regardless of the ‘reason’ most common being ‘defective’ for example. Am I due a reimbursement for this refund being pushed through outside of that 30 day window. I’ve read a few forum threads where people have successfully challenged these type of returns. Or is it something we simply have to take on the chin when a product is returned months after purchase?

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Amazon do not adhere to their own policies in many cases. Sad, but true.


It depends on the reason. Amazon have been known to refund after years , let alone months

What was the product and reason ?


One example was a Neon light powered by USB was defective after 3 months. I sell a lot of gift, gadget items. I quickly scanned over the report but for example sometimes the reason isn’t defective which I completely understand.

My misunderstanding is with the 30 day return policy. I didn’t know if the chose to honour outside of that time if the cost was somewhat on them.

I’ll run the report again today and see if I can find other results that maybe weren’t due to product defective.

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Being electrical then there is more chance of a 12 period for defective returns due to warranties