FBA shipment incorrectly processed


I’ve recently sent a pallet shipment in which had three sku’s on it. 500 of sku 1, 400 of sku 2 and 200 of sku 3. Sku two has been processed fine, but sku 3 is showing as none received, and sku 1 is showing as 700 received.

They’ve obviously mis-identified sku 3 as sku 1.

These two sku’s are quite similar visually but obviously have different barcodes/asins on each one.

I am worried that customers will receive sku 3 when they have ordered sku 1.

I contacted Amazon yesterday but they said that because there is no “problem” tab relating to this shipment, I have to wait until is has finished processing.

Is there anything else I can do about this or do I just have to wait for them to sort it? Is there a chance that customers will receive the wrong product?


How long shipment processing takes?
If Amazon receives fba shipment today - how long it takes?


They’ve gone into stock already and customers are buying them, but for the status of the shipment to change from receiving to closed can take weeks.