Fba shipment issues


im having issues with a shipment i sent in to FBA fulfillment,
does anyone have a contact i can speak to so i can sort it out.
(i prefer not making a case and speaking directly to someone who can help)


there is not usually an option to speak to someone at amazon

You will have to wait until the reconciliation date and then request a recount on the incorrect units.


ita not missing inventory.
i have sent in multiple pallets but the courier cant book it in.
is there a team within amazon who deal with the fba shipments?


did you send it through one of their approved carriers? Who did you send it with?

I am sure there is a team who deal with the fba shipments, but you don’t have access to them.

We only have access to seller support, who work on cases, and if you are lucky you might be able to get a call back from the account health team - who won’t help you with fba shipments…


ye, its a struggle communicating with seller support.
i know more about seller central then they do at this point


I think @NEil ships with pallets, Neil might be able to give you some advice if you state exactly what the issue your facing is & answer Dedez’s questions :stuck_out_tongue:


Which courier have you used?
Are they aware of the booking in system that must be used?

ie. they must book in using the CARP system. https://carriercentral.amazon.co.uk/

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