FBA Shipment Missing at Dunfermline


I sent a parcel via Parcelforce 48 last week, I have a POD at the Dunfermline Fulfilment Centre however the ‘Shipping Events’ log just shows ‘Shipment Created’ status. I have uploaded the tracking details but its not even showing ‘In Transit’.

Is anyone else having issues with goods not being recieved or is it just a lot slower than usual at the moment?

I dont want to worry but the fact that my parcel seems to be completely missing after it was signed for 6 days ago is concerning…


The shipping events log, as far as I have seen, only works with pallet shipments.
I’ve never yet had one updated properly otherwise.

But in any case, it is backlogged currently at a lot of the centres. Take a look at the FBA forum, there are loads of threads about this.


I have only ever sent small parcels previously and the shipment events log has always populated so I dont believe that it is exclusively used for pallet shipments.

Thanks for the advice on the backlog, I thought this may be the case however I have sent many FBA parcels to the fulfilment centres over the past month and its never taken longer than 3 days to be checked in - hence the concern…


I also send small parcels, typically received and ready for sale within 3 or 4 days. I have one shipment that has been received today after 15 days. It is very much dependent on the particular FC and its capacity.


Ok thank you, hopefully it doesnt take 15 days!


My shipment event log always works with boxes,click the Track Shipment box then Shipment Events box & it updates to current status.