FBA Shipment still not checked in after 3 weeks


My FBA shipment arrived to the Amazon LBA4 warehouse in Doncaster about 3 weeks ago, however on amazon seller central the status is still on ‘delivered’. Is there any way to get in touch with anyone to sort this problem out?


I believe Doncaster is one of the three that are closing, which might explain the delays. Not sure about a contact. Have you checked the shipment report and checked the problems tab to see if you get any explanation?


I have checked both shipment report and problems tab and there are no problems.The status is on ‘delivered’ and not being checked in. A contact would be ideal to get someone to help with this


You could open a case, but you’d likely be advised to keep checking shipment report. They will likely have a backlog, hence why you can’t just contact them, as many other sellers will be in the same situation OR your shipment has been lost or damaged, in which case you’ll be notified. Seen some have been stuck for 2-3 months with very little information.

Maybe send more in and see if you get a different FC? It gets your products selling in the meantime whilst it gets sorted and if your original is lost or damaged you may be eligible for a reimbursement claim. I believe in this circumstance, they’d contact you asking for invoices etc.

Either way it’d be a waiting game I am afraid.


Did you send with ups and have you checked the actual parcel tracking on the courier site as its not always accurate on amazon


I sent it with Royal Mail, it has been delivered because the courier sent a picture of the parcel arrived at the warehouse.
It says that small parcels take up to 4 days and big parcels up to 10 days in order to be checked in, but probably has been forgotten and we have no way to contact anyone, slowing our sales down, making us lose the buy box etc…


Royal mail is not an approved method for sending shipments to Amazon so that maybe causing a problem. It may well have been delivered to the wrong part of the warehouse which could mean it is delayed or lost.

Did it also have on it the FBA label which tells Amazon who the parcel is from and which shipment it relates to?

Generally LBA4 is very quick at the moment, most of my shipments there are received within 2-3 days of being picked up by the courier.


is LBA4 still quick this warehouse has popped up and I have had problems in the past they lost a whole box
thanks for your reply


Everything we are sending with UPS, to any of the FC’s is being checked in the next day or day after at present. Super quick!


It’s quick at the moment. For me it is no more than 2 working days for boxes to get checked in


thanks i will proceed then :slight_smile:


It was delivered on the 6th of January and has not yet been checked in, just one box of 17 kg, it should take up to 4 days and now it’s over a month, contacted seller support and then the managing director who both says is not eligible for investigation as the box is not yet in receiving status, having the picture of my box delivered in the warehouse, my question is will they ever pick it up? in case they don’t, will they give a refund of my supposed “lost” goods?


Good morning @ LEHHT,

Apologies for the delayed response.

Could you please provide the ASIN number?

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I’m in the same boat , shipment delivered at Doncaster 11th of Feb and still not checked in .
anyone know if it’s ok to ship to a different center than the one you have been told to send to ? I’m sending another shipment and Amazon have again instructed to send to Doncaster - but I usually send to Coventry and it always gets processed in a few days there so I’d rather do that if it’s not going to cause a problem with processing .