FBA - Single SKU pallet labelling


Hi Guys,

Using the new workflow for the first time.

I am sending a pallet of single SKU goods, each comes in it’s own box. Have set up the template type as Single SKU pallet.

The workflow has generated a box label for each of the boxes, do I need to use these?

Never had to do this before and was fine.



I’ve not yet used the single pallet on the new workflow, but I do know that box labels aren’t required if items are in single boxes.
If you have more than one item per box, then you do need to use the box labels.

Obviously each item needs an FNSKU label, or if commingled, an EAN on the box itself.


Hi Neil,

Thanks for the reply, are you saying that the ‘mixed sku’ pallet labels are enough to book the collection in?

Unfortunately there is no information on Amazon that states we do not need to place the box labels on each unit, which I guess is where the confusion comes from.

Using the old workflow we used to class the pallet as a box, and place the 1 box label on the outside of the pallet.

This may have been considered a work around and not right, but we have sent hundreds of pallets with no issue.

I was expecting the new workflow to generate 1 ‘box’ label with the total number of units on it for that pallet. Unfortunately this hasn’t happened, as we get a label for each unit now.

Units are commingled with EAN.



Yes, that is a workaround and not right.
When you send a pallet, it’s never a single box. It’s always multiples of whatever your sending, in just the same way that you would pack a box shipment.

So as long as what your sending as a single pallet, is single items in their own boxes, with EAN on, you do not need to use the box labels. That’s the way it’s been for quite some time.
And it does actually say that somewhere, but I’m not digging for it now. :wink:

Even on the old workflow, if you had been doing it correctly, it would have produced the box labels as well. So it hasn’t changed, they are just not very clear about it.


Hi Neil,

If you could find that info about not requiring the labels I’d appreciate it.

All I can find is this : https://sellercentral.amazon.co.uk/help/hub/reference/GCUH6KKZA6PRA4E7

Pallet shipments

You must put an FBA box ID label on the outside of each box so the labels will be visible when the pallet is unpacked at the fulfilment centre. For more information about labelling your boxes, go to Shipment label requirements.



Sorry, I’m not digging for that.
Got enough to do without it.

I’m not steering you wrong though.



Can you confirm the correct course of action please?


Hello @Quick

If you are shipping multiple case-packs in a larger box, apply the unique shipping label on the primary box that you are using to ship the products to the Amazon fulfilment centre. You do not need to apply the unique shipping labels to the individual case packs inside the larger box.
On this link Shipment Label Requirements, you can find the above information and more.

@NEil- thank you for your posts!

Kind regards


Hi @Nickolas_Amazon ,

Many thanks for your response.

In this case, we are not sending multiple case packs. We are shipping individual units on a pallet, they are ‘pre-packed’ so to speak in their own boxes. The EAN and SKU is on the outside of these boxes.

With this in mind, do I need to apply the generated box labels to each unit on the pallet?

The supplied help page does not provide enough information for this scenario unfortunately.

Many Thanks


individual units are classed as different skus, you said you were sending same skus which are then case packed



Thanks for your response.

I chose the term individual units, because each unit is supplied in its own box, they are not packed in cartons containing multiples. The product is large and can be safely stacked on the pallet like this.

Just to be clear, it’s one SKU.

In this context I wanted to make clear that we are not shipping multiple case packs in a larger box.

Many thanks