FBA Stock stranded as its 20kg+ boxes so 2 person lift - any news re resolution?


We have our stock in FBA stranded - as each box is over the 15kg / 1 person lift - I assume all stock above this weight is stranded too. Is anyone getting heavy items delivered by FBA?

Also any news on when they might come up with a safe way of handling these items? (We use a sack truck and all fine for 1 person).



They currently have a ban on anything over 15kg being shipped to them.
So all you can do, is to wait until it is lifted. Which is probably not going to be until the current measures are lifted by the government.
See the below link.



Does anyone / Amazon have any idea when thet might lift this restriction?


I’ve just had an Amazon FBA Account Manager call me, and raised it with her,

She said the restriction is here to stay as long as the government’s social distancing advice is still in place :frowning:


Hmm - stock is stuck then - I’m hoping they will work out a way to do 20kg+ - other businesses are lifting heavy things.


You might find couriers are not taking shipment of more than 15kg per box as well.


Most seem to be operating completely normally in my experience.


Well, Amazon is not willing to take this risk. There are things that I will undertake but you might not.


I find it hard to believe Amazon cannot take safety precautions to move 15kgs+ items - time will tell. Others deliveringf heavy items ie washing machine!


I have had a 21 kg box checked in with no problems last week.


That’s interesting. Is it not showing as available? Please advise when it is purchased and shipped. Thanks.


An individual item weighing 21KG or a box total weight 21KG but with multiple smaller items inside?


Oops, we’ve been sending in 19kg boxes - there was no alert when I’ve been booking this weight in. Have been doing a couple of boxes a week at this weight since 30th April and so far, they have all gone into FBA stock… Although I would add that they have been going to various Amazon Fulfillment centres - completely different addresses to the usual address we used to send them to before lockdown.


Box with multiple smaller items inside.


With mine each item is 20kg + very heavy fire pits.


I have been sending in 4 boxes a day at approx 20kg each and I have not had any flagged. Throughout the booking process in FBA it does not state anything about 15kg, just says maximum of 23kg. My understand this was a temporary restriction.


lucky you :), mine i keep below the 15kg limit although my UPS picks up from another firm close to me(they not on amazon) @ 25/30 kg, i make sure mine stay below the 15kg limit,its a pain my biggest seller i literlaly have to change 2 cases incoming into 3 cases outgoing to comply,but while it is a pain ,everything i send in is case packed @ around 8 to 10 kg at most, just be very careful about getting caught, Coventry FC is pretty sharp on pulling up on things that might or might not be correct, just letting you know

take care



as a footnote to my last comment last wednesday when my local UPS driver came to do a collection from me i mentioned about a delivery i was going to send in of 200 boxes all of about 7kg, that is when he mentioned the other company near me that since covid they have been sending in every day 300 parcels all of between 25/30 kg (4 vans), he told me he was more than happy to come to me for 200 boxes of 7kg than load 75 of 30kg, i asked him to run it by the depot manager, as a result he rang me, and asked me the sizes and weights 7kg this by this by this, he replied yep thats fine be about 4pm, so the next day 193 picked up no dramas ,full van load back to depot no dramas, they are still as we speak being checked in at 7 different FCs currently, remember the OPs @ the FCs, how would you feel if you grabbed a box off the back of a lorry thinking it was no more than 15 kg and it turned out to be 21 kg and you twisted your back, and had to have 2/3 weeks on the sick ?? , not amazons fault because of the posted “15 kg limit” on current FC intakes, this is all to protect FC staff as much as possible, normally anything over 18 kg requires a “caution heavy label attached” so 2 OPs can lift safely, but in Covid times with 2m social distancing it is not safely possible, yes they have face masks, i would not want to wear a face mask for any length of time, it is the OPs at the FCs that get our stock into a position where we can hopefully earn a living from, i know the extra measures are a pain,but in the grand scheme of things would you want the risk of hurting your back because people are ignoring simple"temporary" measures ???,

oh and for the record many years ago when i worked in a food production factory making pickles for the big supermarkets,when we were making the 1 kg jars of pickles, each batch would require 275 kg of granulated sugar per batch, in a 8 hour shift both myself and my opo could both manually empty somewhere in the region of 5 ton each ,all in 50 kg industrial size bags, you try splitting a 50 kg bag of granulated sugar into 2 and not spilling it, granulated sugar in big bags is the far worst thing i have come across worse even than 25 kg bags of cement, and to add insult to injury the temperature gauges on the cooking pans were forever going wrong, and the only way to get to check if the pickle was cooked ready to be sent over to the filling line was to lift the lid on the cooking pan, and if the hot pickle spat @ you it was cooked, pickles spit @ 95 deg plus, i have many long since forgotten burns on both my forearms as a result of this, so to me below 15 kg while a pain in the back passage, it is only for a short while i can live with it i done far worse with 50 kg bags of sugar and survived, rant over :slight_smile:


Just received a message from Amazon saying I can now send some of my heavy items to FBA - the message identified the asins (says nothing about weight) - which are all over 20kgs (and under 30kgs).

BUT - my current ‘heavy item’ stock is still suspended.

I wonder if this means they will be shipping heavy items by FBA or is it a random / untrue message. Anyone else got this??


Strangely enough, Amazon are inviting me to list and sent items all over about 18kg each!
I’m a little wary to send them in as it would add up to about 10k of stock, just to be sat there if refused!

If anyone has a definitive answer to the weights, I would appreciate it.