FBA Stock stranded as its 20kg+ boxes so 2 person lift - any news re resolution?


Yes it would be good to get an answer - I have some stock stranded - but won’t send more until it moves. Mr Amazon - can you help please?


Did you send in any ‘heavy goods’? I’ve still not heard a thing about my stranded inventory.


No, However the items I’m looking to send in are showing as acceptable in limited quantities.
There has still been no official announcement though, for over 15kg.

I plan on sending a couple of pallets in the near future due to this. But it’s still a concern obviously.


Thanks Neil - my 20 to 30 kg stock is still ‘stranded’ - if you do send in any heavy stock and it shows as being available for sale - could you perhaps post a message here.
Many thanks


Sure, but do bear in mind that there is still no official announcement about a lift on the weight limit.
I’m guessing that they are doing this over certain types of lines. And I’m talking driers and fridges, which they seem to be keen to get into FBA at the moment.
Also, there are some massive backlogs by the looks of it at certain FBA centres.
I’m sure your stock will get there, it’s just a question of when.


My stock is there and has been acceptede etc (before lockdown) - but it is marked as unavailable / stranded - so not available for delivery by prime.


Stock over 15kgs still stranded - can’t get any info from Amazon.

Does anyone have any idea when they might start moving 15+kgs goods which is currently ‘stranded’?



They are accepting some items over that limit now.
However, there will no doubt be quite a large backlog for them to get through.
So it’s just going to be a case of have patience, they will get there eventually.
Nobody here is going have any idea of how long it will take as only Amazon can tell you that.


Thank you - I still have my 15kg+ stock stranded in Amazon warehouses - would like to know if they have a plan to allow these items to be sold.