FBA UK to FBA Germany


Is it possible to send my products from FBA UK warehouse to FBA Germany?
Any VAT involved?
Is it related to multi-channel fulfilment?

In addition, I also want to ship my product to my customers from FBA UK. They are in France, and Germany. Is it possible?

Thanks a lot.


If you would like to have your FBA inventory stored in Germany, you will definitely firstly need to register for the VAT in the country and provide Amazon the German Tax Certificate.

Otherwise, you could place MCF orders from your UK FBA inventory to fulfill orders sent into different European countries.


Hello Kika,
Yes, everything is settled with VAT Germany. And This is how we wish to get a shuttle delivery service to the customers in Germany. But I don’t know how to begin with FBA internal shipping within UK & Germany. My stock is now in UK, but not Germany. Please help about this. Thank you.

And yes, thanks for your help regards to the MCF part, I think I have an idea about this to my French customer from the stock in FBA @ UK. Thank you.

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