FBA UK to USA using UPS


Glad to see I can now use the UPS option to send from UK to the USA (maybe it was always there) but its more expensive than if I do it private? In the UK its 70% cheaper?? Why??


are they acting as importers of record too etc ?


I am not sure, assume so I didnt get that far, but will cost over $100 and I pay £50-60 privately. I normally have to fill out 4 invoices etc and assume that its the same as if I am using them like I do when sending UPS in the UK?


Are you sending from UK to US fba warehouse,
I am looking to send few Units 200 gram ,1000 units .

Any idea what will be the cheapest option to go for ?


Please keep to the one post for one topic. It just confuses things otherwise.


Hi @Jass_biz! I agree with @Neil, it is better if you create separate thread with your question as it will appear as a new one and increase the chances to get addressed by other sellers.