FBA Units are out of stock! HELP



I recently have been trying to update my listing and after several tries with Amazon, I tried to do it myself via uploading sheets; however, after I did, my FBA stock jest went “out of stock” and is not under FBA anymore. I am not sure what to do! My listings appear, but they are inactive. I have a lot of stock so I am not sure what I did. please help!


Hi, I think I follow what you mean.
So if your items are showing available in the inventory tab but then to the left saying inactive this could be for a few reasons - for example if your a new seller it could be due to account not been active or not been permitted to sell that category or item or something as simple as the price.
If the stock is not showing available and not showing in bound or transfer you would need to go to stranded inventory.
We would need a little more info to help really -


I already put it back into FBA, I just had to convert to FBA again. now back to the first problem jejej


Is your account active - if there’s nothing showing on main screen got to settings and account info it may show mending verification or somet9like that


Yes everything is Valid, they are back to FBA active. Now the main problem is that I put NA, in product brand at the beginning I need to change it to my brand name now jeje. It is a bit difficult, I already contacted seller support, I am waiting…


Yea it needs to match that of what’s in GS1 if using EAN that is