FBA Unlimited Storage


This morning i have noticed my FBA account now has unlimited storage.

Do we know why? I rang Amazon and they told me all sellers on FBA have been given unlimited storage until further notice, but I couldnt see this communicated to me in a email or on their news feed.

My IPI is 244, well below the 350/400 target.

Has this happened to anyone else?


Well I must admit I’ve not seen anything saying that.
But this is Amazon, half the time they don’t bother to tell you.


Yes, mine is unlimited, even in categories that I don’t sell in such as clothing and toys and games.

What is IPI?


IPI is your inventory performance index. You should definitely be aware of it as you can have your storage considerably reduced, if the score is low.


Thanks, Neil, will I find it in inventory planning or performance?


This should take you to it.



Thank you, it is 841/1000 so does that mean I’m okay?

What causes it to drop, if stuff is just not moving?


Yes, thats a good score.
I hover around the 750 mark most of the time.

But take a look at it properly.
A few reasons for the score to drop. Excess inventory/out of stock and so on.
The sell through rate is a bit meaningless to be honest. As that depends on your competitors and so on.


just checked again today, and my unlimited storage has been removed!

what on earth is going on :frowning:


Yes, last night I was given unlimited storage.
Today it has changed to less storage allowed to me than I am using for stock that is already at the warehouse.
In other words I am a bad seller and I have been banished to the naughty step.
It seems I fail against all their measurements despite the fact that I have had a good month.
I sell bulky stuff. I think they are trying to push me into SFP. which I don’t really want to do.
I may be forced into it as I am banned from sending stock to FBA whilst being told that I don’t have enough items in stock. They want me to send in dozens of items to improve my stats but I am not allowed to send ANY items!
Is this the famous ‘Catch 22?’


Yep, That’s my story too!

Send us all these good selling items. But make sure you don’t send us any items!

Anybody know where a list of my oversized vs standard sized inventory can be found?


Its’ not a catch 22.
You need to look at your IPI score and work out why it’s so low.
If for instance you have lines on there, that hardly ever sell, or are basically dormant, it can still effect your score.
It shouldn’t really be that difficult to keep a reasonable score, as long as you don’t have anything long term and keep things in stock.


Thank you Neil. It’s good to know that it is possible to improve my score.
Must do better!