FBA warning


I sent in some units to FBA (I’ve been using both FBM and FBA for many years).

2 ASINs were ‘received’ and 1 ASIN wasn’t. So I know the actual shipment was received.

I applied for reimbursement and all they’ve said is, basically, they’ve had a look and they weren’t received and therefore they wont reimburse me.

Apart from the cost of the products, they took me hours to make.

I’ve applied for reimbursements a handful of times over the years and never had an issue.

Just wanted to let others know about my experience on this occasion. I wont be sending any of my handmade products to FBA again. I will for the products I don’t make myself because, overall, I’ve had good experiences with FBA but it’s extra jarring when you’ve spent time and effort to make them.

My suggestion, for what its worth, is that if you decide to use FBA, only send in small amounts so that it’s less of an issue if someone doesn’t scan them in. Luckily, I did do this because i’m extra careful with my handmade products.



Were you able to reconcile or did it just say shipment closed , investigation complete ?
If you could, did you upload a purchase invoice ?


Yes, just said ‘shipment closed, investigation complete’ (before i’d actually asked for an investigation. I had to open a case with SS

Didn’t get to the point of them asking me for invoices, like is usually does. It would have been a lot of invoices because there are lots of different components and materials that I use.

I’ve been through the process before and never had an issue so I don’t know what the difference is with this one. It’s not because there was no invoice (which i usually send in) - it didn’t get that far.

Given how much I’ve saved over the years by using FBA (the fee much cheaper than if I posted it myself), I will still use it but not for products I’ve spent hours making. I’ll just use it for products I buy in.


Raise a case with SS and send them the BOL from the courier confirming the weight of the shipment


It was sent in with UPS, their partnered carrier - they round up. I’m not sure it would help because the items, altogether, weighed less than a kilo and the other items in the shipment were heavy.

Do courier take an accurate weight when they receive the box? UPS use a ‘billing weight’ when creating the label (which is different from the actual weight).

I can try though, thank you


They do take a billing weight however, you should enter the actual weight on the shipment


Yeah, i do


Get the BOL from UPS and open a case, if no good there, escalate it to the MDs team


I will, thanks for replying.

Going forward I wont use FBA for my handmade products, it’s soul destroying to think of all those hours lost!. With the fees going up so much, it wont be as big a loss.

I will for other products though. Apart from anything else, I haven’t got time to pack and post them myself.


To top it off, I’ve just realised I’ve been walking round my village with the, rather large, label hanging out the back of my new coat.

Not having a good day :joy:


I am sick of the Amazon system with all this machine electronic communication. The postal fees Amazon allows are out of date and what they charge us is a ripoff. I’m having to use 2nd class mail online which gives me a tracking number which I enter on Amazon every time yet they are now saying my account is only at 95% on this matter now I have a warning. I feel like telling amazon to stuff it. I tried letting them do fulfilment for me but they managed to lose all my stock that was sent. We done Amazon.


All of it? Every bit of it? Or just some of it?

Not relevant to this thread

Not relevant to this thread

Not relevant to this thread

Nobody is stopping you

That’s the end then?


We work on “just in time” fulfillment, whereby we only send enough in to FBA that we think we will need for a specific period of time. It doesn’t always work, an item keeps selling out rapidly at the moment (which is also handmade) so trying to get to the correct stock level so that it doesn’t sell out.

In general though, just in time works absolutely fine. We send in two or three shipments a week for FBA with smaller quantities of SKU’s and (touch wood) nothing has ever been lost. A few have been damaged over the years (not many) but none have ever been lost.


Yes, that’s what I do. I don’t send too much because of this sort of situation but I’ve not had any issues over the years really. I can count on one hand in over a decade of FBA. I started selling over 20 years ago so i have quite a lot of experience, I just very rarely post on here because i’m not thick skinned enough!

This one just hit me where it hurts because of the many hours i’d spent making this product. It was only a weeks worth but that’s a lot, it’s my best selling item.

Anyway, they’ve reimbursed me now so all is well.


I understand how you feel, it can be very frustrating sometimes.

I’ve had very few problems over the years so I find that, overall, it’s well worth it.

However, if it was causing me that amount of stress, I wouldn’t consider it worth it at all.

Hope you manage to sort it all out




VERY relevant to THIS thread, given that you tried to hijack it with pointless comments that were of no benefit to the topic of the thread whatsoever. Your problems should have been in your own thread, so as not to confuse issues.