FBA Weights and Photos


We have had a whole box go missing, when reconciling Amazon has told us that the weights were slightly incorrect, they have stated that each box should be weighed ( not estimated ) and photographed for proof.
I would like to know if any of you sellers do this ?


If that is just some bod in support telling you that, I would ignore it.
Can they really expect anyone to photo every single shipment going into Amazon.
Every box should be weighed, as the couriers expect that.

But can you imagine having a photo of a box, and then trying to prove to them that the photo you have taken, is the box that was sent? It’s farcical. Nobody would accept that.

So no, I certainly don’t take photos of my shipments. DPD don’t expect it, so why should Amazon?


We send 5 or 6 boxes every day to FBA via UPS , each box is 60 x 60 x 60, so maximum size, and have the same amount in each box, so we dont weigh each box as they should all weigh the same.
They say they dont have it, but then they can tell us the weight !!!


I bought a parcel scale to weigh them after an incident where inbound stock was never received (I packed the box myself and I know it was in there) and Amazon refused to investigate as the declared weight (estimated by total product weight) was off by a few hundred grams. Never bothered taking photos though. It’s a plain brown box full of smaller plain brown boxes. Works both ways though - send them a photo, they can’t prove it’s not the one you sent.


I dont routinely, but we had a repeated issue with an oversized item and so took photos. AMZ still wouldn’t take that as any proof.