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I have an item of stock that I invested quite heavily in. Great seller (sales rank 2 in its category), decent profit margin (40% after fees). Only one FBA seller on the listing and amazingly- no Amazon on listing. So this seemed like the product to go in on.

I sent several hundred units in over 6 weeks ago. 7 sold in a few hours. Then they disappeared into FC transfer… a week goes by, then two, then three, then four, then five.

All of a sudden 4 days ago they are live again. But I could not get the buy box at all. The other seller was priced above me- I moved my price- done everything I could think of to get some shifted. Matched the buy box for a day, I even dropped the price to £6 (I paid £9 per unit) just to see if it would catch up… Nothing worked. Now they are back in FC transfer AGAIN. And seller support are telling me they MIGHT be available on the 15th of November. That’ll be 10 weeks after I sent them in. Not to mention the £4,500 I have tied up in these items!!

Why would this happen? Does this kind of thing happen often? If so, how in Gods name are we supposed to plan anything!?

I’ve been selling on amazon for around 10 months. I am aware FC transfers can sometimes take up to 30 days, but I have never had this happen. It has really got me nervous about investing in stock and I am not the kind of person to get spooked easily.


Sorry to hear about your problems… If you can post an ASIN people can have a look at the listing with regards to the buy box problem… With regards to the transfer it’s very strange for them to be in a transfer for so long but it can happen. Based on our experience I would advise always splitting a shipment up. In this case it sounds like you’ve got 500 units so send 250 units in then a week later another 250… or even 100 a go… If a shipment happens to get lost or delayed you’ve only got to deal with a much smaller amount of stock rather then the whole thing…


That is absolutely advice I will be going with in the future- split up the shipment for sure!

I will not list the ASIN here- but the buy box was behaving very odd. Normally, the way I usually find it is sellers can share the buy box at a price- or undercut each other to steal it, essentially. The other seller actually increased the price and took the buy box with them. That is when, out of sheer frustration I listed it at £6. Didn’t make any difference. The the next day (after re-adjusting the price to the buy box price) the items disappeared into FC transfer again. Contacted seller support and was told they would maybe be available on the 15th November. But I am assured that buyers can choose to purchase one of mine now- as long as they agree to a future delivery date of around the 28th… which ofcourse- no-one is going to do.

But yes, I will split shipments in the future!


Amazon has their own reasons, it can be due to some of your products having to be transferred to a specific warehouse suitable for this category or size of goods or simply to make your items available for faster delivery by sending them to multiple FCs across the country.

Regarding the loss of a BuyBox, there might be numerous reasons for this and you have no guarantee you will be able to keep it on any listing.


This is still on going- but today at 3.20pm the items went from being in FC transfer to 0 available 0 FC transfer- Out of Stock… any idea as to why that might happen?


Just received confirmation that they have lost the items. must wait 30 days and they they might reimburse me. Absolute joke to be waiting this long.

My next question is this, do they ask for invoices? The invoices for these will be more than 3 months old by the time the 30 waiting period is over. Will they accept invoices from that long ago? I seem to remember some kind of time limit on what they deem acceptable.


Have they said they’ve lost all 500 units? Was the item a toy?

Older than 3 months old invoices should not be a problem with reimbursements. Is your invoice from the manufacturer/distributor?


Yes, every single unit has been misplaced. Not a toy- it was cassette players. My invoice is from the distributor, I just don’t want the length of time between me ordering and sending them and now an extra 30 days for them to complete an “investigation” to be a problem.

On the note of the “Investigation” would I be right in thinking it’s just 30 days of them doing nothing, before finally admitting that they have actually lost them- no one will be looking into this?


It shouldn’t be a problem, we’ve had this happen before and our invoices were out with three months.

They’ll wait for them to show up in a warehouse and that will take up the 30 days!


The time line for this has been:

Sent 500 units
500 units arrived
7 units sold in a couple of hours.
Rest of the units went into FC transfer.
Waited 30 days, sent Seller Support request for an update.
Told to wait 3-5 days. Waited 6, sent another request for an update.
Told to wait 3-5 days. Waited 6, sent another request for an update.
Told to wait 3-5 days. Immeditely sent an email to seller support says I’ve waited over 40 days, and I would like to know exactly when I can expect these in stock. Response arrived stating that the “time to bin” was 15/11/19.

15th came and went, no change. 16th- 1 arrives in stock and is immediately sold. No changes for a few days. Then today they inform me they lost them all. Including the one that sold on the 16th.

I will wait 30 days and apply for a reimbursement, but honestly, not holding out much hope!

This is the second time in a week they have misplaced a large number of my stock items too!