FedEx express inbound delivery


Hi all,

First time using the express shipment to amazon warehouse. It was scheduled for delivery last friday by 12:00pm. Then it got reschedule to Monday 12:00pm, then it noted “future delivery date requested” to Wed 12:00pm, then another “future delivery date” to Thu 12:00pm (today) and now it says “future delivery sate requested” to Fri 12:00pm. I’ve spent over £100 to ship just few items to restock my items and now it seems I’m getting nowhere.

Does anyone know if this is the Amazon issue or courier issue? Or something I’ve missed out???

Any help appreciated! Thanks!


More than likely the Amazon fulfillment centre is refusing the deliveries. It happens quite a lot this time of year when they get full or backlogged. It will get delivered eventually but whether it will all be delivered and checked in, in time for Christmas sales is a bit hit and miss at this stage unfortunately.


Thanks Katie,

It’s reassuring to know atleast its not something I’ve missed…although it sucks that we pay for this type of service from Amazon without even feedback of whats going on.

Anyway, have a great day!