Feedback pain and no help from seller support


Is anyone else having trouble getting Amazon to review feedback properly?
We shipped about a 100 brand new, retail packaged graphics cards in manufacturers boxes (16 to a box) to FBA.
A customer has left us negative feedback because he claims that he received a child’s toy instead of the card. This can only be the responsibility of the Amazon warehouse that shipped it!
When we have previously asked for negative feedback to be removed when it was the fault of FBA, e.g arrived late, there has been no problem and the feedback would be struck through.
Now we have been told they will not remove the negative - we appealed and they upheld their decision telling US to be more careful…
We phoned and were told to appeal to general seller support - we did and they told us we could have our account suspended if we used the general seller support to appeal a feedback issue !!!
What on earth do we sellers do?


It seems to be a fairly recent change.
It never used to be an issue getting this kind of feedback removed.
I have had two similar recently, I mailed the MD and got one removed.
So it may be worth trying that.


Thank you Neil - what email address did you use?


Can’t remember of the top of my head, but a quick search of the forums will give it to you.

BUT, tbh this email address should really be used for more critical issues than feedback removal or else it is in danger of becoming overwhelmed and thus ineffective when really required for account critical queries.


Yes we also have this issue the last few day very upset about it and also been told us we could have our account suspended if we used the general seller support to appeal a feedback issue !!!


Same problem here. Feedback that would be removed on and is not removed on any of the UK/EU Channels. Customers put up full product reviews months later in Feedback that have nothing to do with our customer service, product delivery, etc. We also received the threat of account suspension by contacting Seller Support. Why have feedback and reviews separated if they mean the same thing to Amazon “Support?” All we constantly get are bad templated responses from Amazon that don’t even address the problem. It’s pathetic when a Marketplace Seller is more familiar with Amazon’s Policies than Amazon reps, but that’s the state of things.


Was this order Small and Light?


A year ago I was in hell. Seriously.

Loads of negative feedback for FBA orders where buyers had received the wrong items. Every single item was Small and Light.

Small and Light is a lucky dip. Buy a tote bag and you will get a remote for your garage door, golf tees, a greetings card for your dead mother or maybe… playing cards. Yay.


We stopped using small and light a year ago. I would rather pay normal FBA fees than deal with that s h i t ever again.

S&L is rubbish.


I remember that, the thread is still there. Small & light
:walking_woman:t3: gonna try and find it…


Used to have a lot of this with SNL,have not had 1 this year.
I love SNL,works great for us.



I know you haven’t had problems with it and I am happy for you.

For me it was hell and it all piled in at the busiest time of year. I still remember pulling up outside my house on the day we had closed for Christmas. I got a notification of a negative feedback (I use Bindwise). Our buyer had got a pack of playing cards instead of a tote bag.

I contacted her, apologised. Even though we had closed, I went into work the next morning, got a blimmin tote bag, went to the post office and sent it by Special Delivery (£8) so she would get it before Christmas. She did remove the neg.

S&L saved us 35p per item. I’d rather pay the 35p and not have the stress.


A further frustration is that Amazon have now refunded two more FBA buyers - one when the item was late and the other when it was lost in transit. Neither of those have gone back into stock - our “on paper” losses are around £500 for November!

One day they will realise they have to start looking after the good guys!

I must admit eBay has moved on tremendously in the last 6 months - they have finally realised customers don’t always tell the truth and have found in our favour several times. I never expected to say eBay is better than Amazon at looking after their partners…


I have a customer calling us “crap” after only his item spent only 1 day in the post. I’ve been selling 10 years over 80,000 sales, We launched a DVD and we charted at number 5…selling up to 150 per day…asked Amazon to remove the obscene comment…Computer says NO…Ridiculous.


I understand your anger and frustration, but when responding to feedback on your seller profile page it is best to remain calm and professional.
You really shouldn’t call your customer a Gimp! :astonished: imo… You may lose future business because of it.

Glad you managed to get it removed.


Who called who a gimp?


Wow thanks…I wrote the MD…but a message came back saying No removal…Just read your reply and it has been removed!!!..You are of course totally correct…I was very calm when I called him a Gimp…it’s not a profanity…I did that on purpose to see what would happen with Amazon and to provoke a reaction… a test if you will. My next release is UB40 and we will sell at least 20,000 CD’s WORLDWIDE…making Amazon £60k for doing …nothing…I threatened to pull it and go via HMV…Seems to have done the trick. Hit em where it hurts most.


Nyquest’s customer got called a gimp!! :rofl:


Yep totally on purpose…not in a fit, i don’t run the business on emotion…believe you me I’ve been in the music business 20 years & deal direct with artists and fans…there have been many occasions to get emotional…I was ripped off over £50k by one famous band not long ago. I’m a Prime seller on here but that brings its own problems…