Feedback removal button


Hi all, I have a customer who left me negative feedback by mistake, She has told me she meant to leave it for another seller, but when I directed her to the remove button beside her feedback she said there is no remove button. I have been chatting to her for a day or two now, she contacted Amazon twice and they said they would remove it, but it is still there. There used to be a link I could send her but I cannot find it. On the feedback manager page when I press contact customer, It will not allow me to contact the customer (thats where the link for the customer to remove feedback would have been sent from) I cannot get in touch with help as it says I cannot open multiple cases to remove a feedback.
Any advice?


This link:
The remove button is there for all feedback I’ve left, except for a seller that appears to have been suspended


Thank you Barry, That is the link I was looking, I have sent that to the customer, Hopefully it will work…