Feedback removal manager is a disaster


We started getting negative feedbacks left for FBA Fulfilled products. Most are Product review some are damaged parcels and products shipped from FBA to Buyer. My parcels get to FBa in good order if they did not it gets marked as defective. Unfortunately couriers are damaging parcels frm FBA to buyer and we get negative feedback in fact they ar product review and feedback removal manger is not removing most of it even though they are product review. i opened the case but most of the time seller support is not helping. I am happy to own my mistakes and learn from them and make it better. However in this instances i am ending up with blames that entirely to do with courier and product reviews left as feedback Does amazon care about the sellers !!! I dont think so. i am very disappointed, that i am left to pick up the pieace for others faults and mistakes and we can not find department to address this.


If you are certain that the feedback is within the guidelines for removal and you have appealed it already, then the only option you have, is to escalate to the MD.


Its getting far harder to remove FBA feedback & beware if you escalate a lost appeal your account can be suspended.


You may therefore want to look at how you can improve the packaging you send the items to Amazon in as it clearly isn’t strong enough to prevent courier damage.


I had one feedback removed after emailing Jeff but the rest have just been ignored.


i have had this problem, they do not care about FBA sellers anymore