Feedback Removal Request for an FBA Order was refused. Why?



I m FBA Seller and Customer left a negative feedback below. I sent a removal request to Amazon Seller Support, but it was refused twice. The order was shipped by Amazon FBA. Order was for multiple items which was not received by customer.I don`t understand why it is not qualified for removal. The entire feedback comment is about fulfillment or customer service for an order fulfilled by Amazon.

Customer Feedback:

3 x pack of 3 was ordered. Only 3 x pack of two arrived(3 lo 'lots of 2) An additional pack of 3 should be delivered to complete the delivery as ordered.

Please share your suggestions.

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It looks like the customer thought he had bought packs of 3 when they were packs of 2. In which case the error/confusion could be in the product description and is therefore not an Amazon FBA error.


Thank you for your comments Its pack of 3 and customer purchase 3 pack of 3 but received only 2 pack of 3 .one is it is not amazon fba error
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From the feedback left they are implying that they received 3 packs of 2 not 2 packs of 3.

“Only 3 x pack of two arrived(3 lo 'lots of 2)”


We sent sealed packs of 10 to Amazon FBA - but the Amazon staff unsealed the packs and sent out single items. Negative feedback won’t be removed!

The worst thing about these feedbacks is there is no-one to turn to. Any query and they just refer you back to the feedback removal tool - knowing full well that nothing will change.