Fees going up.....again!


Our parcel rate is much more than £2.32 and using a tracked service would be much more so the increase will be more


Also Had an Email (sneakily as always) that fees for Booksellers only are rising substantially from January 1st. That is the date my prices will go up loads. It only gets passed on. Amazon will soon not be viable as the fees are becoming monstrous and since most of my items sell for £7 - being maps - Well prices after costs and delivery go past the RRP … Crazy.


Some taxes yeah but not UK taxes which ends up taking almost 40% of everything you earn when you consider vat, council tax etc… We have a bloated welfare system that’s gone completely out of hand.


i agree thats why i said taxes are to high in this country but i posted that because one seller said he didnt agree with any taxation i was just pointing out that without some form of taxation society would collapse


Its a tiny increase in fees, not long ago they halved the fees in some categories not that long ago, I didn’t hear anybody complaining back then. I remember my fees dropping from 15% down to 8% which is terrible for such an uncaring company isn’t it. Fees increase from 15% up to 15.2% or in my case from 8% to 8.2% and suddenly everybody is up in arms.


Indeed, just think how much better off we would all be be without it. No universal credit, working tax credits, pensions, and during the pandemic SEISS payments, furlough scheme etc


It comes as no surprise to me at all.

We’re in the process of revisiting all of our prices and all those that were on the threshold of being subject to an increase, that increase is becoming reality. We’re not the only ones who will have to put prices up which ultimately wil make Amazon a more expensive place to shop. So, perversely, passing the increase onto the marketplace sellers may actually be a backward step for Amazon as they will no longer be the cheapest marketplace.

At the end of the day though, we all have a choice as to sell on Amazon or not. If you don’t like the fees, lack of support or suspension then there is a simple and easy option that you can take. Stop selling on Amazon. And as you leave there will be another prepared to take your place and so it continues…


Yes and almost all other categories were increased. The decreases versus the increases where far fewer. This increase is across all categories, the decrease before was on …what was is…2 or 3 categories?


How much was the increase and how much was the decrease.

The decrease was actually on every category bar 5 , three of which saw a slight increase. The average decrease was 50% and the average increase was 10%. This one is a meagre 2% across the board. I expect everybody is going to vote with their legs, leave and pop across to ebay to find they will be doing the same come Christmas but only after their new fee structure comes into effect with their new integrated ebay payments system which actually works out higher fees than Amazon for many then come back with their tail between their legs realising what such a good deal they already have…


For this you would have to work out the (amount of decrease x the number of categories decreased) versus the (amount of increase x the number of categories increased).


2% is a big increase when you work it out over the year if your only selling a couple hundred pounds a month then your not going to notice Tbf, but for a lot of us we will see the dent in our profits.


Cool. Can you show me that. I’m not doubting. Just surprised that from what you are saying we are better off with fees now than what we were a couple of years ago. That’s cool.


And then Amazon will suspend you for price gouging.


I don’t see anyone saying that they are going to leave Amazon for Ebay? I see people here wondering why the seller has to absorb the 2% fee and Amazon absorbs zero.


The thing is you can’t increase price on a lot of items beciase your already competing so its you the book stops with. :roll_eyes:


Is this up to us to take or Amazon to pay from their tax payments (which we know are very low). Are they suposed to pass this on?


Is this definitely so? Has anyone worked out the cost comparison? I looked for this but couldn’t find any that have been done yet.


You do talk rubbish. I doubt very much Amazon would see a 2 pence increase per pound increase as being price gouging. If they did they would have no sellers left within a very short period.


It was meant to be a tax on the big boys.

However Amazon are charging us to pay for their tax.

Very counter productive.


Yes its definately so. My fees will increase from 10% up to 12.9% plus 30p when it goes live compared to Amazon which now after this increase comes in at 8.16%