First FBA - status "Delivered" - what next?


I have sent my first FBA items. Another story that it took UPS 6 days to be delivered 20 miles away. I am not sure what to do next as a carrier the status of the shipment is “Delivered” but shipment status is “Receiving”. I am not sure why the items are in Sheffield if I addressed it to Chesterfield. I can’t find the item in the “Inventory Amazon Fulfils”. I see the item in “All inventory” but there is 0 available. I can change it but I am not sure if I should. Have I to wait for it will be updated or update it myself?


You need to wait.receiving means the FC have scanned your box & are checking the contents.


The “Receiving” status indicates that everything is correct. But you should know that it can take anything from a few days to weeks for Amazon to officially receive all items, count them and process into your inventory to make them available for sale.

That’s why it’s better to always ship items into FBA ahead, before you run out of stock to ensure that they will be available for sale on time.


@russ @Kika thank you for your answers.


I refresh the topic as I am confused that I did something wrong. The status of shipment has been “Receiving” for 12 days. The number of items is zero in my inventory (please see attached photo).

The parcel was delivered to Amazon on 01 November. 12 days ago. How long should I wait for it be available to sell?


Looking at the screen prints, it looks very like you have done something wrong.
If the item you have sent is the backpack, it’s not setup for FBA, but for seller fulfilled.
Unless you have another listing for the ASIN, that appears in your FBA inventory?

How exactly have you managed to send it to a fulfilment centre, if the above is true?


The item is the backpack. I have got two listings with the ASIN but two different SKU’s. Please see attached. I left the one which I am sending from my unit. I saw that some seller have two the same items, one as FBA and second sent from their unit.
I didn’t know that the backpacks are not allowed to sell as FBA. Just followed instructions and sent it. :slight_smile:


I hate to say it, but both of those listing appear to be Seller fullfilled and not FBA.
Did you convert one?


No I didn’t convert any of them. Should I?


The listings should be FBA. You cannot send items into Amazon without converting the listing first.
So quite honestly, I haven’t got a clue how you have managed to do it.

If you go to the FBA inventory page, does the item show up there?
If not, you have a big problem.

I would imagine that items will eventually get received, then will go to stranded inventory.
You may be able to create a listing to assign them to, but I doubt it.
More than likely, you will have to get the items sent back to yourself, create listing properly and then send back once again.

What have you labelled them with?


Honestly, I don’t remember how I did it. It was a few weeks ago. I just followed some instruction, somewhere. That’s all. I found the page " Fix stranded inventory". Please see attached.


It doesn’t show up there. FBA inventory page is empty.

I can’t believe that someone in Amazon can’t sort it.
The backpacks are packed with their own Nike labels with EAN barcode.


I seriously doubt it.
You need to learn how to do Fulfilment by Amazon.
Take a look at the below.

If it’s there fault there is a problem, you stand a chance of them fixing it for you.
However, if it’s your fault, you stand a cat’s chance in hell of them fixing it I’m afraid.

I would suggest for now, you contact support and tell them what’s happened.
More than likely, you will have to wait until the reconciliation date has passed.
Once they allocate the stock somewhere, you will need to get it sent back to you.
Then go through the process again.


Thank you very much for your help.


Actually no it will be automatic as soon as you convert. Your inventory will automatically add (assuming it is all received at the FDC).

You need to got to the drop down menu at the right hand side of your SKU beginning 883 and select “Convert to Amazon FBA”. This will then run through a small routine as you must click two boxes regarding whether or not the bag contains batteries. Once this is done, the system will very quickly show your inventory as available. If not, then something is wrong.

The reason you have two SKU’s against the same product is that your SKU beginning F88 will automatically be listed in the other European sites under your postal rules for those sites whereas the FBA stock (assuming not Pan-EU FBA) will be suppressed in the other EU sites.

Another serious mistake, I believe, is that you have the prices wrong. You should have the FBA stock cheaper than the seller fulfilled stock as you want this to be the default and you will win the buy box more often. You want the seller fulfilled stock (the top one) to be more expensive. This means that if you run out of stock at the Amazon Warehouse your seller fulfilled stock will switch into winning the buy box. So if someone bought all your FBA stock it could take you two weeks to get more inventory to the warehouse and you dont want to lose all sales. I would suggest you make F88 £26.10 or swap them around. There only needs to be a few pence difference.

Hope helpful