FNSKU - do I need to leave item description and condition with the barcode?


I’m currently getting packaging designed for my product, I’ve got an FNSKU which is on the packaging but I’ve removed the item description and “new” from underneath the barcode. I’ve not sorted out the SEO and I’ll like change the listing name after I send this to amazon, so leaving the item description doesn’t make a lot of sense. Is leaving this information there required?


Please note that you cannot remove the details from the barcodes as they are mandatory according to Amazon’s barcode requirements:

When printing Amazon barcodes onto labels, make sure that the printed labels include:

  • Sufficient white space around the Amazon barcode and related text: (0.25 inch on the sides and 0.125 inch on the top and bottom)
  • Product name
  • Item condition

Note: Amazon barcodes that have been printed directly onto the product packaging must also meet these requirements.



So it’s not a problem if I change the product name after having this printed on the packaging?


Updates to the product name or listing description will not affect the FNSKU barcodes.