Food Supplement Products Blocked since Field missing Ingredients (yet we find they are entered))


We have had a number of health products (food supplements) blocked, some with restricted policy violations. When we raise a case to investigate why, we are told that the ingredients are missing from the Ingredients field.

Each time we check, we find that the Ingredients are truly entered. We are aware of the policy stating they should be entered, so always make sure they are when we list.

Seller Support stating we have to wait 7 days before they are re-instated.

Anyone else seeing this?


I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with having your listings blocked as a result of Restricted Products Policy Violations.

Even if you have all the ingredients entered, it doesn’t mean that Amazon accepted your contributions to reflect them on their site.

You will most likely need to open a case with the Seller Support and provide them some proof of the entered ingredients being correct and relevant to the product so they can update it in their system.


I have opened a case for each problem product, each time Seller Support state the ingredients are missing. Each time I let them know that they are truly entered. They then reply back confirming that they can see the ingredients entered, but I have to wait 7 days for re-in-statement.

Most of these products are sold by Amazon themselves, it is blocked for them also, but with a restricted product violation for me.

I am in contact with the manufacturer who supply to Amazon and have a vendor central account, to let them know which products are blocked, hopefully they can resolve.

For me this is a technical issue, but seller support have been unable to grasp what I am saying, and hence unable to escalate further.