Forum layout is rubbish


top of screen layout is causing navigation problems on phone.
Cannot see what is being typed


Not just on the phone… on my Kindle and other android devices. The whole layout is almost impossible to navigate and there is lots of blank white spaces that just means scrolling up and down endlessly. Its a chore and as you say when the keyboard pops up it obscures the text you are writing.


I feel this forum was designed for ideal users rather than actual users.
Take all those annoying circular avatars - most of them at the moment are blank and just look silly lined up at the top of every thread on the list.
Ideally users would populate them with distinctive avatars but in reality few can be bothered and subsequently the forum will always look messy and half-finished.

Then there’s the endless scrolling, the pointless top menu links to our seller accounts, the equally pointless ‘Suggested Topics’ at the bottom of the screen, the utterly ridiculous hearts and badges, the confusion of all Euro forums sharing the ‘feedback’ section, the awkward log-in protocol, the poorly implemented search bar, and worst of all, perhaps, the semi-hidden top-menu that takes you back to the forum homepage.
It should be prominent and one-click away rather than semi-hidden behind a bland graphic that will be unfamiliar to many users.

Almost everything about the navigation is clunky and counter-intuitive.

Style over substance. :frowning:


The only good thing I can see is the automatic locking of threads of over 6 months old.


Ready to give up on it. Cannot understand the layout


just don’t try to understand anything, try to use it if you can, or it’s hopeless! :upside_down_face:


God. What a lovely looking mess.


How do you do that? Not that I want to block anyone.


Top right of the screen where it shows your [currently blank] picture, click on the picture image

Then on the gear icon [that’s the one at the end beside the envelope]
Then click the word notifications and scroll to the bottom where you can select not to receive notifications about posts from users whose forum names you put in the box. It will not stop those posts showing when you read threads but will stop you being told about them.


Wonderful, thank you. I have set to receive no notifications I think because I don’t receive any email notifications. That said, I cannot think of any poster who I would want to block! I would however like to block each and every single buyer who has claimed money back though, message me if the feature ever is introduced, Please, just in case I miss that news.


please put me on the list once it’s created, I want to join the club :smiley:

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