France - Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Registration


According to their help page, that’s what they say - they will reclaim it from you.
But you can register yourself and if you’re sending under 10k units/year it’s only €80. I have no idea what Amazon would charge you.
" France
If you are selling EPR applicable products on to customers with a shipping address in France, but do not provide Amazon with the valid Registration Number(s) corresponding to those EPR applicable products, Amazon will by default pay corresponding eco-contributions to the qualified Producer Responsibility Organizations(s) on your behalf for sales made from January 2022 and recover these amounts from you. Amazon will pay on your behalf at the end of each quarter or year depending on the EPR category."

To input your IDs -


Thanks NB, it looks ike you have been reading as much as I have. It’s a bit of a minefield but as I sell less than 10k products a year in the EU I’ll contact Reclay and Leco and Citeo- and talk to TB accountants too maybe and see what they all say.
The lady from TB I spoke to on Friday said I’d still need to register even if I left it all to Amazon but I’m not sure. I’d also imagine that if I left it all to Amazon there could be a slightly bigger charge than from an independent. Having one registration with one firm and letting them do it all would be ideal.
I’ll report back when I have some news.
Thanks for all the tips so far.


Do we know for sure that Amazon will register for UIN number in France on our behalf or we should do it via a provider? I spoke to Amazon Support and they said Amazon will do UIN registraiton in France on our behalf and following reporting, which seems to be a prefered option for me, as less repoting efforts. Now I see a lady from TB is saying we need to get a UIN number in France ourselves, so I just want to double check if Amazon is getting that UIN number for us in France. Thank you


Amazon will charge you for the packaging (or other waste) you send to France based on your orders if you don’t have a French UIN - at some point. We don’t know what those charges will be, yet. Or how they’ll calculate it.

Best to register IMHO - I used
Under 10k units - 80 euros/year


FFS. Now we’re getting this -

So looks like this is going to be a mess - as I put in the correct info.


For France it seems that a UIN is issued for each ‘waste stream’

So if you’ve registered with 3 different schemes (e.g. packaging AND batteries AND textiles) then you’ll have 3 UIN’s

Each provider issues you a UIN and also a membership number for their scheme (so in my example above you end up with 3 UIN’s and 3 membership numbers).

If you’re doing FBA, I would agree with NBPhotography, and register yourself rather than wait to see what Amazon will charge. You’ll at least have some control over cost.


Thanks for your reply! I used Amazon advised Bellacocool provider for Germany EPR and they can do France UIN registraiton as well. They said: “As for France, it’s better to get a valid UIN and report according to your actual volume, because the volume Amazon reports on your behalf can be inaccurate.” But I think if Amazon would do it on our behalf, it wll be less mess and less reporting efforts, as Amazon has all the info and Amazon can get a good price from provider as they would negotiate for many sellers. We sell more that 10k units in France and I am concerned with extra reporting efforts and mess, if we would do it on our own. So my current plan is not to register for UIN in France and allow Amazon to register on our behalf and do the reporting. Sure they will charge us later, but at least I can spend my time improving business instead of reporting EPR to France in French


Thanks for your reply. I think there will be one off cost for registration and ongoing reporting cost as well. As Amazon would do many sellers, sure the cost should be more competitive vs me doing it on my own? Or maybe I missed something. Why I need to do something, if Amazon can do it for me, almost automatically? For exmaple Amazon VAT reporting is much better vs Avask Acounting which we used before.


I don’t think you’ve missed something, no. We all know our own businesses, so it’s simply about what’s right for you. Totally get that.
By the time I’d read up on EPR I was like “oh, it’s actually a low-grade nuisance rather than full-blown nightmare” so did it myself.


Go on this link, and you register there for free


So hopefully my question is an easy one. If you are selling in France from UK via EFN does the need to register for EPR still exist?


Yes - any form of sales to France and Germany require it


I have the same issue. I wrote the support twice regarding this. No actual help for now…


It’s happened again. I’ve no idea whey they keep rejecting it.

What are people putting in under National Identification Number if you’re a sole trader? The UTR bit is fine but the next section? I chose Other as obv I don’t have a company reg number. Are they expecting my NI number and if so, who’s the ‘authority’? HMRC?

I don’t really care about selling to Germany, but things like this bug the hell out of me. Just tell me what the hell is specifically wrong and I’ll fix it, Amazon. But of course, you never ever will!


I registered for Germany and France - Germany is ok (Amazon say valid) - but on the France one I am having problems. - I registered and as I sell under 10,000 units I paid 80euro (from memory, I’m on wrong computer) - I got ONE number. - This has worked for packaging, but NOT for textiles (all the others I had the Not used code that someone put on here) -

Amazon rejected my Textile one, .Leko are not answering my messages… anyone managed to get two separate numbers for France? (or more if you need them)


Hi I have been contacted by Bellacocool who are in China ? is that correct ?


Hi all - I just used Bellacool - the one recommended by Amazon. Done for DE and FR. I am in two categories, has cost me 830euro for the year.

It looks like Bellacool are a Chinese company, that operate our of Germany (Chinese name, staff, but DE location)

Just to back up what someone else said, we initially used Avalara for our VAT, then after discovering Amazon was doing it - the next year we swapped to Amazon. Much easier and cheaper.

So my thoughts are that in 12 months Amazon will be set up to do this themselves.

One question…

This is DE & FR… what about SP, IT, NL, PL ? Do we have to do them? No mention from Amazon yet but assume it’s coming?

My brother works in a different industry, but said this is coming to the UK in 2024…


Obviously volume makes a difference but others are saying they only paid €80


Thanks for all the helpful feedback everyone. I’m left with one question - do Amazon offer FR EPR registration? If so, where could I find it? I can only find their offer for DE support.


I had a similar issue with this. I used CITEO which offer it for both packaging and textiles. It shows as valid for the packaging and invalid for the textiles. I don’t know why this would be the case. I have paid 80 euros expecting this to cover me as an annual charge but if honest I am pretty much in the dark about the whole thing.