Free EORI and VAT registration in the UK/EU using VAT services on Amazon


Still I lost, if I have GB VAT / EORI number, still need EU VAT/EORI? there is no exception?


I’ve been selling on Amazon for almost twenty years. What makes them think I’d trust them with anything to do with VAT?


If you dont mind me asking… who does your Vat returns for .FR and DE ?


yes Im also Non Vat registered and in Ireland :grinning:


How long does this whole process take?


Amazon VAT Services, as my EU sales are exclusively on Amazon (for now)


Thank you, can you please send me a link where on revenue services I can do the same, as I found it very confusing with the video on the website. thanks a mill.


We use FBA across Europe and have VAT registration in France, Germany & Italy. We already had a UK EORI but needed to get an EU EOR to be able to import stuff from the UK to the EU fullfillment centres. Its very easy to apply on the french government website if you are already VAT registered there although I hope it comes through quicker than the VAT registration did last year!


If you have a GB VAT number you can just type this into the HMRC EORI number checker to see if you have been automatically enrolled - just type in GB, then your UK VAT number, then three zeros I typed mine in and got ‘invalid’ result but the message came up to just click on the ‘check button’ again to apply. I got an email the next day from HMRC to say my application was successful - much easier than the complicated application form!..(The UK EORI number is only for exports from the UK).


The German tax authorities told me that unless I had a registered business address in the EU then an EORI number would be worthless because I can’t submit a customs declaration? So in short, I’m struggling to see what the EORI achieves. I think a customs broker will be needed unless you have a branch / office in the EU.

Email below:

You may apply for an EORI number without a VAT identification number and tax number.

Companies established outside the EU (even with a German EORI number) may only submit customs declarations in exceptional cases to which the customs office has to consent (9 times a year).

If the customs office does not agree to this procedure, you need an indirect representative who becomes declarant in that case. The indirect representation means the representatives acts in his own name but on behalf of another person. If you are indirectly represented, you don’t need the EORI number.

In order to be able to submit customs declarations more than nine times, you need to have at least a branch office according to article 5 No 31 letter B) and No. 32 Union Customs Code in the EU.

As far as this answer contains legal statements, the information can only be given to the best of our knowledge and does not establish any legal claims.

Yours sincerely


Yes, the EORI is for importing goods into a country. The GB EORI is for bringing goods into the UK. Now the UK is not in the EU, you need an EORI from an EU country to import goods into the EU.


you need to login to ROS first and than apply for EORI number, it takes only couple of days to get it but if you are not registered with ROS than it will take few weeks so you may want to ask you accountant to register you.


Thanks, Talked to my accountant and he’ll be applying for EORI.
Another query : To send orders to UK do I need GB EORI separately?


no you just need the IE EORI and it will be IE plus your tax number


Did you manage to sort this out?
I am having the same trouble with them