FREE RETURNS - turn off for FBA?


Hi, I am getting mixed answers and information from the help desk…
Is it possible to turn off Free Returns on FBA? I don’t like the idea of paying for someone’s post of they have changed their mind…
I know that seller fulfilled is different but I’d like the same if possible for FBA…


Is this not something you account for when choosing your FBA price? Surely your FBA sales are plenty more than your returns?


No - in short. Return policy is here for items fulfilled by amazon.


This is something I’ve not been able to confirm in the past. Do we, the sellers, pay for the return costs on FBA or does Amazon? There are so many hidden fees so I’ve never been sure. Never worried about it because it is what is and nothing can be done other than not doing FBA but it would be nice to know.

I suspect we don’t pay for each return but it is included in the overall fees we pay Amazon.


It is - but… price point is key as you are no doubt aware.
I’m in a really competitive market and I get so many items back that have clearly been used, damaged and incomplete. Packaging is almost always destroyed and trying to claim from Amazon is a non starter. I sometimes get the wrong item returned !


Are you enrolled into grade & re-sell? Refurbishing?

Price point is key but so is loss


I am in some countries. In the UK they come back here as “faulty” but generally it’s just because of a change of mind.
I’m just trying to reduce some of the plethora of Amazon fees!


It is but there should still be enough in your margins to allow for returns. We add 5% to the usual price of everything to cover the cost of any returns (though we haven’t had a return since August 2021). Would such a small percentage be too much for your margins?