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You can no longer sell to the EU through Amazon unless you have an address in each country that you wish to sell in.
I used to sell a lot of goods into the EU through Amazon and now we rarely are even able to list an item in the EU through you site.
It is a great pity Amazon used to be exceptional for selling in the EU now it is a disaster zone.


Hiya - could you give some more information on this? What did you use to sell in Europe and how is it different now in regards to tax and VAT regulations after Brexit?


I still sell to Europe just not through Amazon anymore. ie on Amazon all goods sold under 25 euros can be claimed as free gifts by customers simply clicking the return button (Unless you have a return address in that country) we lost over 1500 euros worth of goods as EU customers caught on to this loophole very quickly.
I am in Northern Ireland so we are different to the rest of the Uk when it comes regulations in the EU. We are still members of the EU customs union.

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