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Our free weekly webinars give you the tools and insights to help grow your business on Amazon. Find out how to optimise your self-service advertising campaigns to reach your goals and help increase sales. Learn tips for selling and protecting your brand, pan-European programme and how to scale deals across the EU.

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23/09 – Learn how to source new products and create a best seller with our e-commerce experts and guest seller!

UK: 20 September 2021 11:00-12:00 BST

Want to launch a new product range but don't know where to start? Want to understand how to make your product a success online? We're excited to partner with special guest to share top tips and insights about sourcing a new product and making it a potential best seller!

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Amazon Advertising webinars with live Q&As

Tips for optimising your keywords strategy

UK: 21 September 2021| 10:30 BST

(Level: Intermediate)

Learn how to refine your keyword strategy to get the most out of your campaigns. We’ll show you how to familiarise yourself with advertising reports so you can optimise your campaigns more effectively.


Tips for optimising your budget and bids

UK: 22 September 2021| 14:00 BST

(Level: Intermediate)

Discover how to create a budget and bidding strategy that fits both your needs and business goals. We’ll explore tactics and best practices through hands-on, scenario-based guidance.


Deep dive: Optimise your campaigns with negative targeting

UK: 23 September 2021| 14:00 BST

(Level: Intermediate)

We’ll explore how you can use negative targeting to optimise your Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand campaigns. Learn the benefits of negative targeting and how to find negative keywords in the Search Term Report.



Any thoughts on rescheduling the webinar scheduled for 11am yesterday?
“Expand your business with the reopening of the European Fulfilment Network between UK and EU, that was paused due to Brexit”
I changed my day around to make sure I’d be available for it, but there was no webinar. Assume that you didn’t do it, but sending out an email to attendees would have been a little too much.