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Webinar: How to set accurate delivery promises on November 24, 2022 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon GMT.

Optimize the pre-order experience and configure a more accurate delivery promise with your own logistics for a better customer experience.

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Webinar: Improve your post-order experience: Returns, Refunds, and Account Health on November 17, 2022, 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon GMT.

Learn how to offer an excellent post-order experience: Returns, Refunds and Account Health.

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How can this even work. With the state of the postal services at present, strikes, late due to driver shortages and amazon not supporting sellers with bogus A-Z INR claims, its an impossible task.

How about amazon reviews its internal processes and helps sellers instead of the contant barrages of crap we have to endure.

The recent refund on postage is shockingly bad and just ads to buyer fraud. you really should look at these policies as it’s all us sellers that front the bills for your over the top customer service.

Please think amazon, i know its hard, but please think.


@Amazon_News Would like to raise a question on the post order webinar.

HOW does one as a seller claim for a lost returned item when lost by Royal Mail, or in particular Evri? Your policy states we have to claim via Evri, but Evri state we cannot claim as the label is in Amazons name and tell us to claim via Amazon. It would be good for someone, anyone at Amazon to confirm that there is an issue in the claims process.


Surely this has to begin with Amazon calculating delivery promises correctly?

I post same day if ordered before 3pm. Amazon Shipping Automation is on. I post RM48 as standard (so 2-3 working days delivery)

Yet today is the 15th and my items show delivery will be the 21st - when it should be showing 18th surely (and that is allowing for the max of 3 days delivery)

So before listening to any webinars, update your delivery promise calculation so they are accurate


I see your items with a delivery of 19th (cut off has now passed for ship today)

it all depends on the postcode


How strange - so I can post to you quicker than I can post to myself ???

My cutoff is 3pm. It says on listing delivery 21st or can get tomorrow if ordered before 3pm (obviously using my premium delivery option)


yes i’ve never understood this lol



from shipping settings page

Customers will see a cut-off time one hour prior to the one you set.

so the 19th is correct as its after todays cut off


Ahh I never realised that. I thought cutoff the same for all options. Strange they have different cutoff times between standard and premium delivery cus they all go on the same collection.


I’ve just edited it above to say that if you set it to 3pm, the customer will see it as 2pm


Yes - my setting is actually 4pm so orders before 3pm will be calculated as going today which is what I meant. My collection is 5pm


Actually - why do Amazon tell customer one date for delivery but sellers a totally different date?
Also - why for certain sellers a date range for delivery is shown to buyer, but on others a specific date

For example, I sold an item today on standard delivery
Amazon says I must post today the 18th and deliver by 21-22nd
When I look at the item as a customer it says delivery will be 25th on my listing - but for other sellers it says delivery will be between 24-26th??

I have SSA enabled, my settings show orders before 3pm go same day (as confirmed as Amazon says I should send today). I use a 2-3 day service as standard (RM CRL48) so I can understand why my settings say I should deliver by 21-22 - but then why is customer seeing 25th??