French VAT late Payment Penalty


I have recently received a penalty notice of 108 EUR from the French VAT office via Avalara for late payment of my May 2019 return.

When I checked my payment history, I found that I paid this on 4th June and it was only due on the 19th June.

I phoned Avalara and they gave me the contact details of the French VAT office for me to contact them directly. I’ve emailed them a few days ago but as yet have had no reply.

Has anyone else had any experience of this?

Cheers, Damian


Since they haven’t responded to your e-mail, have you considered sending them a letter or contacting them by phone?

It would be better to firstly cover the late payment and then once everything is resolved, they will credit you back.


Hi Damian 1

Some time, they have replied after one months. We had same issue for the June payment. We had sent them email in August and They replied in 22 Sep after 45 days.
Let me know if you need anymore help
thank you