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As part of our ongoing efforts to develop Amazon offers, we are exploring the possibility to create a Click & Collect feature that enables our customers to order on Amazon and pick up the product in a physical store.

To support this effort, we would like your feedback by taking a short survey . The survey should take only 2 minutes to complete.

This survey is hosted by an external company (Qualtrics), and the link will redirect you to an external website.

Your responses will remain confidential and will be subject to our Amazon Services Europe Privacy Notice respecting Amazon Services Europe confidentiality agreement.


It Click and Collect feature would benefit those who work full time and does not have anyone to accept the delivery on their behalf. Will there be additional cost benefit if the order is managed twice? I suppose it may also reduce the number of claims for none receipt of order.


the other eB site have already been doing this for years.

I am surprised it has taken amzn so long to offer this on an FBM level. Very unlike amzn to be behind the game


It is very popular. I am always amazed how many items are click and collect.


Even more so when amzn have their own locker collection points


I’m 81 , unable to drive, so if I am forced to collect? Hey folks, there’s always Ebay!


I used click and collect on ebay but cancelled it after about 6 months, as the amount of people who didn’t bother to collect their items was very high.


I assume that they’re not forcing you to collect. It’ll probably work the same as click and collect does on eBay. ie. You can choose to have it delivered to your home as usual, or if you prefer you can choose to have it delivered to a local shop.


How much £££ do you pay us for our info’ ???


I agree it’s an obvious and very late move on Amazon’s part, especially with their own lockers already inplace. So the sytem wouldn’t need to much more work.

However, I do get a very large number of items not collected for my eBay click and collect orders - espeically the one’s at Argos stores. Then we’re forced to pay at least one wasted postage. My fear is like all Amazon systems that the onus would be on us to retrieve, and potentially even have to also fund the item being retrieved back to us if not collected.

Along wth yet another metric and focused email campaign to the customer asking ‘Did this seller fail in anyway - whatsoever?’



Having done the survey, I cant really see what Amazon are going to get out of it. There were so few questions, not even, would you offer such a service if available, typical half brained thinking


As long as it works like ebay system in that if not collected it gets returned for free (like it would if not collected from RM sorting office) then I cannot see a problem.
Yes more orders are not collected this way - but also as it is scanned on delivery Amazon should accept that as evidence the item was delivered and it not effect any metrics for non-delivery.


It took me under 20 seconds to complete.

Do you have a physical store - no

Do you allow your customers to collect from you - no.



so for those of us that have retail stores,
amazon are proposing to charge us “normal commission” for sending customers to our stores to pick up stuff they have ordered from our amazon listings?


Hmm and how will it work for A-Z cases for item not received. Will you GUARANTEE all orders showing as delivered to the collection point that the seller is FULLY protected?


Watch out! Low flying :pig2::pig2::pig2::pig2:


Do you really think so?

Buyer turns up and collects…
Buyer goes home and claims item was out of stock /not available/ make up your own excuse…
Amazon refunds customer…

Job done!


All shops have cctv so they will know who collected the order.


“We have listened to our sellers and…” business as usual.


The survey for me was:

  1. Do you have shops? NO

  2. Would you allow parcels to be collected from your shop. NO

Thank you for your time.