Fulfilled by Merchant survey


Know? How do they prove the person collecting was the purchaser (or indeed, how to prove who that person was at all), unless they can set up an ID parade of local residents? And can you see the police bothering to do that?


I would also have a worry that the shop you were collecting from forgot to scan the parcel as collected. Then there would be no proof the customer got the parcel.


Identification just like when you collect something from the post office,


They pay you nothing, they’ll collect the data and then offer to run a special deal for you whereby you must discount the sale price to qualify for said deal eliminating your margin while they collect the full referral fee and advertise their cheap prices.

Half an hour spent on the seller forums by anyone competent in Amazon would illustrate to them how much ill will they have generated with sellers by the way they have dealt with them over the last few years and their lack of energy into resolving issues on the sellers side.


Waste of time.
Waste of time.


I’m torn with that… In theory that works in your favour as the ball is firmly in your court then to keep them as local punters and then no more comisions. I think that’s a great prospect for you B&M folk.


I don’t do the surveys on one point alone, I’m logged into my account and amazon asks for my merchant ID. If they can’t be bothered to code that in from my login then I can’t be bothered to share information with them.


Clearly we’re all jumping when you say jump and getting booted instantly for not asking how high… now we’ve sold our soul to you when do we start earning a salary for it, Amazon?


The theory is right to allow this, and customers would use it as seen on ebay
But as others have said, amazon haven’t even got the basics right for Non delivery claims and A-Z.

So implementing this i would only do it if us sellers had pull protection from any sort of non delivery claim. Also as i have had with ebay if a buyer does not get the collection code Ebay are usually pretty good in getting it sorted in a day or so. Trying to explain that to a amazon SS i very much doubt will work.

Amazon will just make this harder for everyone.


That’s the whole point to it. If your at home most of the time you wont need it, it’s for those who are not at home during working hours. Then can get their purchases delivered at a local shop to pick up at their convenience.