Fulfillment centers in France and Germany



I was wondering if anyone could tell me the most common FBA Fulfillment centers that are used when sending stock PAN-EU From UK to France and Germany?

I need it so i can estimate freight costings.

Only need the abbreviation (BHX4) etc…

Kind Regards,


Did you get anywhere with finding out these shipping costs?
I’m trying to find out the same info just now.


I would suggest that you find the furthest one and get a quote for that.
Anything else will likely be cheaper.

There is however an Amazon program that is in trial period at the moment, specifically designed to carry to France and Germany. So you may want to find out about that.


Hi Neil.
I have filled in the form on the AVASK website page, the one which you send me the link for. Waiting for a reply now.

Also contacted AVASK for more details. They sent me some information.
Have you seen the ‘External Customs Services Promotion - Terms and Conditions’ PDF?
It includes details on the set up fees, annual fees, what is included in the Amazon promotion etc.


I only have the basics and won’t get the rest until I’m able to actually apply properly.

But the promotion finishes next month, so if your going to use it, better to get signed up now. :slight_smile:


Just to add, if your looking to send pallets, rather than boxes, you might want to take a look at “World Options”. They seem to have a fairly good reputation and if you search the forums, there is very long thread all about them.


Thanks, will have a look at it.