Fulfilment Centres and Delivery


Hi, Im new to selling and have 2 quick and easy questions about FBA.

  1. Is Avonmouth (Bristol) a Fulfilment Centre
  2. Could I act as my own courier and take my items there in my van??

Im selling items as a FBM and they are classed as ‘small, oversized’ (approx 30x30x60 & 10kg) as you can imagine if I opt for FBA and have an external courier service take them it would cost more (with FBA fees) than FBM but if i could take them it may make it worth while. I understand if not otherwise every ‘Tom, Dick & Harry’ will be turning up but I thought I would ask…

Just curious… Im ok with selling as FBM just wondered if i could do this and offer my items as Prime…


Amazon only accept deliveries from approved couriers and the fulfilment centre is allocated to you, you don’t get to choose!


Hi there was a thread on this yesterday I thought it was impossible but it’s not impossible it’s just nearly impossible with all the requirements that you would need as need to tick all the boxes etc. For the price it costs its well worth using a amazon carrier and just because its your closest center does not mean that’s were your stocks going to need to go.

Our local one is 15 mins away but stock tends to go to Coventry 3 hours drive away from us.


Your items may not go local… They can go anywhere, their systems tell you where to send it.

Its based on shelf space in the warehouse, plus also where demand is.

You can deliver yourself, but the loops you Have to jump through don’t make it worthwhile… And if you Jumped through the loops, there’s always the risk that it’s refused and you have to try again the next day.

Maybe seller fulfilled prime would be a better option for you? You get the prime badge for most of the day?