Further Info On Royal Mail Confirmed Delivery


Hi all,

I’ve sent an item to a customer using Royal Mail 48. The customer has contacted me saying the RM tracking number confirms that the item was delivered (she’s right, it does) but she has not received it. She could be trying it on however, I appreciate that without a signature a delivery confirmation only means sweet FA as it could have easily been put through the wrong door, left in what was thought to be a safe place etc etc. I’m also aware I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on in terms of a potential A-Z.

I’ve not encountered this before and it’s highly likely that I’m going to refund the customer but as a last throw of the dice, does anyone know if Royal Mail hold further information that could assist me? For example, when a postman scans a barcode do they record info on their scanner such as what neighbour it was left with, where the parcel was left etc? There was no calling card left with the customer. I have contacted RM customer services but the gentleman I spoke with sounded like he had had enough today and he wasn’t very helpful and didn’t seem to understand my query.

Thanks in advance.


Had this a couple of weeks ago, confirmed to the customer tracking shows as delivered and a denial came back. Next thing was a 1 star feedback followed by and A2Z. Defended the A2Z using Kika’s response and claim denied.

We should really make a list of postcodes for signed for non delivery, that way we can track where false claims are coming from and report them.

Had one a few months ago who got a refund, while searching eBay some time after for my products I found her selling it! Gave up chasing her as a waste of time.

Just out of interest what was the post code?


Get the GPS of where it was actually delivered. Could have been put through wrong door.


Hi MuddleBox,

Thank you for putting your concerns forward, I can 100% relate to your issue.

On this occasion, I would suggest refunding the customer and also replacing the customer lost item. Once you’ve done that, head over to your OBA account and put in a claim for your losses with Royal Mail for the undelivered product as well as for one lot of postage. Having done these 2 steps, it’s time to contact your Royal Mail account manager and provide specific information on this issue - at this point, I would then ask those questions such as information on where it’s left, pictures, etc.

Please update us on here with any information you may have! :slight_smile:

We have a meeting with our account manager on Friday so if you haven’t heard by then, I’ll bring the issue up.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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In my humble opinion that’s not good advice…


Hi Monty,

You may be right… :slight_smile: Just what I have done and think should be done on this occasion. Ultimately who wants unhappy customers? It’s not worth it but I suppose it can also depend on how expensive the item is, etc…
Ahh, @MuddleBoz - when sending it again to the customer, make sure you select the ‘Signed For’ option on this one.

Best of luck,


Any idea how I go about doing that? The Royal Mail customer services rep seemed to suggest a GPS wouldn’t exist.

If they do exist, I’m not really convinced they would be that accurate. Only last week I saw a postman scanning all his parcels at the back of his van at the entrance of a housing estate before walking into the housing estate to do his deliveries.


This happens continuously to me now. I think the GPS only transmits on tracked barcodes rather than the delivery ones.
I presume you also have a Royal Mail account which means no compensation!!
Also zero chance of winning an A-Z claim appeal. Amazon handily don;t give you an option to submit screenshots from your Royal Mail account to show the tracking number associated to the address.


I didn’t know they existed either until I watched our postman put a letter through our letterbox and I noticed that it should have been signed for. I checked online and saw that there was actually a signature. He had forged our signature too. We phoned the local sorting office and a manager came out to the house and told us that the GPS showed it was signed on our doorstep even though the postman lied and said that he had left it with our next door neighbours. Phone your local sorting office and ask them as they would probably have access to the information.


I’ll raise the point when I meet him next. Thanks.


That’s correct. It’s only a small value item so the saving I make on postage at the moment is worth waiving my ability to claim compensation.


So, after checking with the customer if the item was left with a neighbour or left in a safe place, she confirmed no to both questions. Realising that I’m not able to prove at the moment if it was misdelivered, I informed her that I would issue a refund. I also informed her that I would not send a replacement as there was clearly some issue here and that I would have to report this case to Royal Mail so that her address gets flagged on their system as a possible problem address (I’m not sure if that’s a thing).

The outcome: the customer has now found her parcel behind a tree in the garden. I had already issued a refund but there was an option to cancel the refund on the order screen. Annoyingly I guess I’ll never find out if this customer was genuine.


Well, what a surprise !! :roll_eyes: - definitely trying it on - why would she even think to look behind a tree, and what postie would leave a parcel there ? - they should have at least left a card saying where the parcel was left.


Brilliant i fell about laughing :grinning::joy::rofl:
I had one with a letter she suddenly found it saying “in a cupboard next to her door that’s were the postman sometimes leave parcels”
Hello it was a letter pushes through your door you know the letterbox that google maps shows in your door.
Some really do try it on and are very experienced in pulling the wool.


I had one where the tracking wasn’t updating on a well known alternative site - about a month later the customer emails me to say it hadn’t arrived.

I went onto the Royal Mail site and copy pasted the tracking in, low and behold the tracking was showing the exact date and time the item was delivered.

Sent a message back to the seller with the details and the only reply I got back was “oh so it was”

Sometimes I think the tracking makes it easier by putting the idea in their head.


I purchased an item on a well known auction site the tracking showed as delivered but I didn’t revive it. When I opened a case with their customer support I was told the the tracking did show as delivered but there was no mention of what sorting office the item was delivered from which it should. Because of this I was refunded. Seems there is some Royal Mail dodgyness going on.


I had this where a customer claimed order not received and then found them selling it on eBay ! So I bought it off them on eBay, then opened a case saying how disappointed I was that I had “unfortunately” not received it hahahahahaha :smile:


Put it down as one of those things. Don’t bother chasing your tail going to Royal Mail as you can spend your time more productively. If the item is high value I would not recommend using Royal Mail 48 as Amazon do not class it as being received. eBay do but Amazon don’t.

Royal Mail 48 is good for averting those people who occasionally try it on and you can say it was delivered at x time and sometimes they will miraculously find the packet.


Sounds a lot like the time I had a buyer on eBay that claimed he didn’t get a large envelope (tracked) as he has no letterbox on his door so no one could put it through his door…

Done a quick street view search, found his house and luckily a 2 week old photo of his door which showed a letter box.

Sent him the photo and he made up a story about how his landlord broke into his house, replaced the door with a plate of wood and made his dog get lost in the process…

Checked the records of house sales… house is owned in his name… sent him a screenshot again and that was the end of it! LOL


I’ve had this happen a couple of times. On both occasions, the customer was being entirely truthful - it was showing as delivered, but it hadn’t been delivered to them.

On both occasions, I called Royal Mail business customer services, gave them the reference number and they checked the GPS records. One of them showed that the package had been delivered at the correct GPS location (but we found out to the wrong flat), and the other showed a GPS scan 3 streets away.

So, the customer can be telling the truth, and Royal Mail can provide further info if you ask them.