German account suspended with money in it


Our German account has been suspended with money in it due to non-supply of tax certificate . I’ve tried numerous times to inform amazon that I believe I am under the tax threshold and thus exempt. How can i get Amazon to release money or even to talk to me about it. They do not answer the query at all - ive taken to reposting the same query every day hoping eventually they will get sick of me! Has anyone else this experince


Have you ever stored units in a German FBA warehouse?


Are you now, or have you ever, been signed up to Pan EU?
Have you ever had any returns stored in a DE FBA centre?
Either of the above would have triggered your VAT liability regardless of total sales.


i think the answer is yes as I am enrolled in pan european inventory. I’m trying to work out how to disable that so I do not get the same problem in France


You already have the same problem, since your FR tax liability is already active due to PAN EU
You need to register for VAT IN EVERY pan EU country.


As you are already enrolled in Pan-EU FBA you are already required to be registered in each of the 7 countries.

I strongly doubt that un-registereing will fix your issues as you have VAT liabilities in each of the countries and Amazon, once alerted, are unlikely to release your funds until permitted by the local tax authority.

From What I understand France will do exactly the same as Germany in January.

So unfortunately, to your first statement,

Is incorrect as there is no threshold once you store goods in the country.


understand , however , how do I reverse the pan european inventroy status so I do not incur further tax liability .


any idea how I de-register to avoid future tax liablity ?


Settings > Fulfilment by Amazon > Edit


found it thanks for help - may not help for Germany however, i think will mitigate further issues
for france


Hi TgtMark,

We have the same problem with Amazon Germany Suspended and no response from Amazon at all.

We have had returns stored at Germany - but not at our request or knowledge till suspended… ( I believe Amazon have done this to save themselves money ) We have avoided saving money using Pan EU as dont want to be doing vat for other countries so never registered and do not do over 100,000 in Germany.

We are based in the UK, store stock in the UK, despatch form the UK and pay our taxes in the UK

We filled out the declaration and still got suspended.

I know others have been in same boat when suspended through Amazon stored returns not authorised by seller ) but as anyone managed to get there suspended German account reversed with the same problems i have issued ??


Nope :-1:

Cant get through to anybody willing to deal with it either. Continually met with the same response.

Never used Pan eu
never had goods stored in germany
do not cross over the threshold


You actually can’t switch VAT registration on/off like a lightbulb.
The way to go is now:

  • Get a capable tax agent. (There are a few out there, but unfortunately some of them quite bad…)
  • Register in all those countries you have stored items (even if only one item back in 2017) for VAT.
  • Do your VAT filings, tax and penalty payments have to be paid
  • Once that is cleared, apply for 22f in Germany.
  • Once you received your 22f, upload to Amazon and hope it will be accepted and your accoutn reinstated.
  • If everything goes well, funds will now be available again.

Timeframe: Several months.
Once you get it all sorted, move out of VAT filing obligations, this will take up to 2 years AFAIK (your tax advisor will tell you, depending on country).


Yes - for years Ive had good business with Amazon. I now for the 1st time feel vulnerable that it can all go pear shaped at the drop of a hat, just because Amazon will not listen to reason.


I currently have the same problem aswell i was told if i acknoldged the german tax obligation that my account would not be suspended and what do u know they suspended it when i messaged they told me to opt out pan eu and recall all my inventory from the german warehouse and they would reinstate my account however this week i message them to get this sorted and now their telling me i need to be vat registerd and now when this happens with france and italy next year i am very close tp throwing in the towel !


You were breaking the law in several European countries. It isn’t Amazon’s responsibility to sort out your tax affairs. Your situation is different than @M.V.S_Wholesale1 is describing where a few customer returns have ended up in a German warehouse.


Its the exact same problem i am facing what you talking about ? I didnt ask for your opinion why are you even replying to me ?


You said you are registered for PAN-EU FBA. As such there is no question, you are required to register for VAT in Germany, and the other EU FBA countries.

The reason I’m replying to you is that you chose to post on a thread (that I was already a poster on btw) stating your situation was the same as another poster’s. I was pointing out to you - and for the benefit of anyone else who might be reading the thread looking for information - that your situation is NOT the same The poster you were replying to had discovered a few customer return items held in Germany which had triggered Amazons systems ‘to consider them required to be VAT registered there.’

By what you have posted this is is not the case in your situation, where you have signed up for PAN-EU FBA. When you sign up, as advised in the PAN-EU FBA documentation and help, you trigger an immediate requirement to be VAT registered in each of 7 EU countries. This is a voluntary business decision made.


You need to also be VAT registered in the UK before being able to VAT register in Germany and France.

By the way, this is a public forum, if you don’t want anyone replying then you shouldn’t comment.


If we are talking about who is responsibly for what then I personnaly feel that Amazon are responsible for, lets say, ‘actively misleading’ a LOT of sellers into enrolling into the PAN EU system, knowing full well that many people wouldn’t fully understand the implications and be VAT registered in every European country.

Sure there were probably some out there who understood all the implications of using PAN EU and chose not to comply with the VAT registration, in which case naughty them and they deserve a slapped wrist.

But I get the impression, after witnessing the fallout of the German VAT Certificate fiasco, and the numerous threads associated with it, that the vast majority of people were honestly not aware of the VAT implications required having clicked a button once to enroll in a service which had been heavily promoted by Amazon (remember all the emails about how great it is, how it can springboard your business etc?).

Yes everyone should have read the small print and the guidelines and the legal jargon before enrolling, but to be honest I think a lot of sellers trusted Amazon to actually have their best interests at heart (ha ha, yeah right!) and got duped by this.

The upshot is that a great many sellers now feel deceived and let down by Amazon, and it will be very interesting in the long term to witness how this widespread mistrust will translate into uptake of future Amazon initiatives. The old adage springs to mind ‘Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me’.