German account suspended with money in it


What are the xperiences of those that have enrolled with the Amazon subsidised VAT services

Ive heard there are some good and bad experiences.

I currently am registered inUK and Germany and have been with my local accountant who handles evrything very efficiently. Im not sure they could cope with me adding 5 other EU countries into the equation though.!

The thought of a long distance relatonship with a 3rd party VAT agent fills me with dread though.

Any good experiences with this settting up process from anyone?


I am PAN-EU registered, but never sent any units to EU FBA or had any returns to EU FBA.
My account complies with all German tax registration obligations (never stored inventory in Germany & not even close to 100k)
Yet my German marketplace is now suspended, waiting on seller support to advise.

So although I am PAN-EU, the account is 100% not German tax obligated.
Do you think Amazon will lift the suspension?



As I understand it, you don’t. Amazon redistribute your stock as they see fit. Have you run an inventory report to see where your product actually is?


I do agree with some of the previous points though.

Amazon should NOT have let you enable PAN EU before all the tax numbers for each country were inputtted.


I am well aware of how Amazon can redistribute inventory - but all my inventory is in my warehouse outside of Germany.
I am PAN-EU registered but never sent any inventory to EU-FBA (never used it).
Also, did not have any returns in all my EU marketplaces.

So it is 100% that zero of my items were ever stored in Germany.

I can run the report, but it will show nothing (zero units)


Yeah but if Amazon had been more stringent about PAN EURO sign up then they would have missed out on their percentage of all that money sellers generated flogging their gear across Europe. Not to mention all the extra advertising revenue it generated.
And the cherry on the cake is they’ve now had panicking sellers flocking to their ‘subsidised’ Euro VAT services… go on kids try it, yer first year is free, wink wink.
I am just take aback by the cynical way in which this place is run.


Thank you all for your help. Reading all these comments it seems I’m not the only one caught, however, it is clear to me now that switching on Pan EU, ie using a fulfilment warehouse in Germany, triggers a tax liability in Germany and unlike in the Uk, there is no threshold.

Can I ask, does anyone have any experience using - also known as Borderfree Trade or is it easy to apply myself …

thank you


Same problem been trying to resolve this with seller support since the 2nd of October. Pointless no help every case we have created have been transferred to Timbuku without any reply. We just keep getting emails asking us to upload our Certificate. Spoke and emailed Avalara who said would reply that was a week ago, nothing yet, even if you register it takes 8-12 weeks to obtain this certificate so again Christmas as gone. We completed declaration 5 times and email seller support who replied with everything is in hand. As with many other sellers always used FBA from the UK, not or never used Pan EU and never stored stock to my knowledge in any EU country.

Should you register who knows what you will get hit with from Germany, the only time our account went over the threshold was when our account was hacked last year and we had €69,000 of fraudulently orders made by the hacker that Amazon cancelled within 4 days of being hacked, We have asked many times if this is the case why we have been suspended again NO Answer… Come on Amazon HELP US Sellers out.


More conflicting advice from Amazon then. I think customer services staff need to go on a training day regarding VAT registration and get their info coordinated.


My account just got Reinstated :slight_smile:


I stand corrected - congratulations!


Thanks. lets just hope I won’t need to jump through this hoop in Jan for France.


Argue all you like that it was Amazon at fault for not telling you your legal obligations, but it takes no more than 30 seconds to go to seller central help files and access this, which clearly shows that you will incur VAT obligations when you use Pan EU…

Pan-European FBA Programme Policy

The Pan-European FBA Programme (“Pan-European FBA”) allows you to fulfil offers on,,, and for enrolled ASINs from one inventory pool without incurring Fulfilment Fees for the European Fulfilment Network. For more information, see Pan-Europe FBA: How it Works. Your participation in Pan-European FBA is subject to this programme policy, the terms of the Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions Agreement, including Amazon’s International Seller Rules and Amazon’s programme policies. While you participate in Pan-European FBA your Multi-Country Inventory settings are enabled for the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. For more information, see Multi-Country Inventory.

Placement and Storage of your FBA Inventory

By enabling Pan-European FBA, you authorise Amazon to allocate and store any of your FBA inventory in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic .

Important: Storing products in an additional country to your home marketplace country will trigger additional VAT registration and reporting obligations for your business (as well as other reporting requirements such as Intrastat). You will be responsible for the collection and payment of your taxes together with the filing of all relevant returns and issuing VAT invoices/credit notes where required. To learn more about VAT see Europe Tax and Regulatory Considerations or get more information regarding External Tax Advisers here: (English- and Chinese-language only). Please note that we will share information about your transactions and units where obligated, for example if justifiably requested by governmental entities or regulatory authorities that have jurisdiction over Amazon.


You are totally right, and everyone that got caught out by this is in the wrong and deserves the draconian measures Amazon has brought upon them.
Everyone should have read the guidelines you’ve helpfully posted for us all to see. You are a very helpful person, and I find you in no way annoying or lacking in empathy towards others, and I thank you sincerely for your contribution to this forum :wink: :kissing:



The PAN european set up should not have had the facilty to be enabled until all the vat numbers were in place for each country.

I think amazon too have been somewhat surprised by the recent requesst for data from Germany and likewise the French to follow. They have reacted after the event in response to the more stringent policing by EU VAT departments.

Shame that amazon themselves seem to be able to avoid paying VAT on virtually every bit of turnover they generate!!


The only reason Amazon are now enforcing this is because various governments have just recently made them jointly liable for the tax due in this way. It was always a legal requirement for sellers to be Vat registered in this scenario.


i just saw you had your account re-instated. Can i ask, how do you know you never had any inventory stored in Germany if you Pan - EU


Have Amazon enacted those measures in France yet, or IT, or SP?
No, because this is NOT Amazon’s doing, when will you realize that?


:tired_face: Oh my goodness! Listen, it’s silly season and I’ve got far more important things to do than try to explain this to you. Lets just agree to disagree on this and move on buddy.


Because I never sent inventory to FBA & had no returns.