German account suspended with money in it


Was looking for advice about maybe getting my account reinstated and retreiving the funds from it not a lecture about how i am braking the law in several countrys and opinions that arnt helpfull to me at all will remember next time not to post on the forum useless



Storing units in a country outside your home marketplace country will trigger additional VAT registration and reporting obligations for your business, as well as Intrastat and other reporting requirements. You will be responsible for the collection and payment of your taxes and the filing of all relevant returns where required.

To learn more about VAT, see Europe Tax and Regulatory Considerations or get more information regarding External Tax Advisers here: (English- and Chinese-language only). Note that we will share information about your transactions and units where obligated, for example if justifiably requested by governmental entities or regulatory authorities that have jurisdiction over Amazon.


I’m sorry you took it that way. The point is you cannot approach your problem from an ‘I’ve done nothing wrong, how do I get my money’. Rightly or wrongly you’ve left yourself in a position where you need to fix your tax affairs. If you have an outstanding liability for Tax in Germany it is exceptionally unlikely the German tax authorities will allow Amazon to unfreeze your account without fixing this.

As a first point of call I’d suggest working out how much you might owe - if it isn’t very much you could approach the German authorities and ask for an exemption on the basis that the amount is small and you won’t have any ongoing liability (cancelling PAN-EU FBA) and then try and get your account reinstated that way?


Very good PeterB :joy:


Thank you peter like seashorejewellery said i didnt know what i was getting myself into with pan eu as i was one of the probs alot of people not reading the small print about being vat registerd and so on


Where I do take issue as it happens, is Seller Support’s approach to handing out what they think is tax related advice.

I cannot be bothered to find it right now, but I’m sure in several locations Amazon explicitly say they cannot advise or help on tax matters, you have to get professional assistance.

You then get Seller Support giving bad advice to sellers like @CD_GOODS_LTD saying do this to be compliant or do that to be compliant. Also others being assured if they fill out the declaration they won’t be suspended - and then are.

Seller support should be doing no more or less than stating facts to do with your Amazon account or saying they cannot help – speak to an accountant. Nothing judgement based or in-between.


I hope you do manage to get it all sorted out. Just look at this one as practice for France in the New Year…


Dude I find you absolutely hilarious!


Many sellers, including myself made the same mistake as yourself. If your sales to Germany were good maybe it’s worth getting VAT registered here in the UK and Germany.

You can voluntarily register for UK VAT even if you don’t meet the sales threshold.

That’s what i’m in the process of doing, then I hope to take full advantage of PAN-EU in Germany, France etc

The “hassle” of getting VAT regsitered may even eliminate some of your competition who were selling in other EU marketplaces :wink:


We are having exactly the same problem - its an absolute joke !!
I have contacted them 8 times, 4 says they have answered even though we havent recd 1 anser and the other 4 say they have been transerred. Received only 1 answer from seller support saying I had contacted the wrong department ???

My problem is that Amazaon FBA sent a parcel from UK to Germany and damaged it in transit, then for some obscure reason returned it to a German warehouse, they have since disposed of it but this appears to be the reason they are requesting a tax certificate. I have advised them its their error and I have checked and every transaction we have been charged transport from UK for every one. Our settings are to store in UK only but cannot even get a response out of Amazon. Anyone have any suggestions as to who we can make a complaint to ? Any help much appreciated .


Sorry but that’s nonsense
Amazon invited you to enrol into Pan EU and provided full info about tax liability.
As a business owner it is YOUR responsibility to perform due diligence before signing up to anything.
This is 100% not down to Amazon, as far as Pan EU and tax liability is concerned.


I tend to disagree. Amazon marketed this very aggressivly, even calling us multiple times. Not even mentioning dozens of emails. I’m sure that they didn’t really talk about VAT registration in all FBA countries in the beginning, but the benefits got plenty of detailed description.
And Amazon should have required to input all VAT IDs before activating PAN EU.

(We hinted at the dangers of PAN EU since the beginning, only a few saw the damage coming, it seems. Funny sidenote: We are now setting up PAN EU, as we expect a huge “shutdown” soon - countries are just tired of VAT fraud and will raise the bar and require a valid VAT#. That’s a pure guesstimate, but better be safe than sorry.)


If Amazon hadn’t given out so much bad & conflicting advice concerning German VAT. sellers would have had the opportunity to rectify the problem sooner, without the need to get accounts blocked just before the Christmad period…

obviously account blocks don’t benefit Amazon either (lower sales due to German account blocks), so hopefully Amazon will also learn from this.


I agree with Amazon marketing pan-EU aggressively. A while back I got a phone call from Amazon rep whom was doing everything to persuade me to signup. I mentioned the need to be VAT registered etc. and was even told that was not the case due to the threshold… Very persuasive indeed and fortunately I knew from previous posts on the forum that any inventory stored in one of the pan EU countries would mean VAT liabilities. With that in mind I can see why many could fall into this and not realising the full implications.


interesting,thanks for the infor.anyways i totally switched off my german amazon


You are absolutely right.
So many sellers have no VAT obligations expect one that Amazon invented:
you mistakingly clicked an Amazon button at some point you didn’t plan to use.

That simply isn’t good enough.

If Amazon treated sellers as the customers they are and employed people whose first language was English and who weren’t more concerned about closing cases than addressing them, sellers could feel supported and wouldn’t have made the mistake in the first instance.

It’s stupid.


In a similar fashion banks tried to dodo grey PPI by putting the onus on the customer. Thankfully, someone challenged this formally in court and the rest is history.
Amazon have obligations to.
If you are below the threshold, and sell for on the UK and never stored in Germany, you are not required to be VAT registered for Germany. But if you clicked that button, then you are - according to Amazon. Ridiculous.


Banks argued that against PPI - it’s not a winning argument. For many reasons.


I’ve been waiting more than 1 month for the same problem.


You don’t have to be VAT registered in the UK in order to register for VAT in Germany. At least that’s what Avalara (Amazon VAT services) and another VAT agent told us. We are in the process of registering in Germany now, without being VAT registered in the UK.

Also, we won’t have to charge any German VAT after registering when shipping from the UK (while under the distance sales threshold).