German account suspended with money in it


Have Amazon enacted those measures in France yet, or IT, or SP?
No, because this is NOT Amazon’s doing, when will you realize that?


:tired_face: Oh my goodness! Listen, it’s silly season and I’ve got far more important things to do than try to explain this to you. Lets just agree to disagree on this and move on buddy.


Because I never sent inventory to FBA & had no returns.


Hi all
I have never used the forum before as I’ve always tried to sort my own problems out. However, help please!!! I am losing the will to live where Amazon is concerned. After many years selling on Amazon they have decided to suspend my German account due to lack of the Tax Certificate (even though i have previously signed the declaration - albeit later than January). More importantly they are withholding my money until I provide it. Simply, I am UK VAT registered, I am not enrolled in Pan-EU and am not registered for VAT in any other country. My account settings across all markets are for storage in the UK only. I am well under the 100k threshold, I store stock only in the UK and all shipments are made from the UK. Amazon say that I require the GTC according to their records. The only reason I can assume is that customer returns have been stored at warehouses in Germany until Amazon have returned it to my UK stock (or lost it on the way as happens so much). I have tried time and again to tell them this but my messages/conversation are just ‘transferred’ to the appropriate department and the only answers i receive are the standard 'please upload your GTC to have your account reinstated! I have asked numerous times for them to clarify the reason why they consider me accountable but they don’t. My international accountants have verified I am not obliged to register for VAT and Amazon legally do not have the right to enforce this. Can I close my DE account and get my money paid to me without jeapardising my other markets (UK being main one?) I realise France is also coming up but i’ll deal with DE first.
Any help would be very much appreciated please? Thanks.


If some returns were kept in FBA - even for a short while- then this triggers the VAT requirement. You can check in your FBA DE log if it shows any stock has been there and when.

Whether or not Amazon have over- egged the omelette is not the issue - if stock has been in one of their DE depots then they won’t reopen such accounts until/unless the DE tax authority absolves the account in this case.

As you know DE government will now hold Amazon liable for any tax perceived as due.


Thankyou, i guess i was just hoping that wasn’t the case! grrr…
Can you possibly clarify on one thing - ‘if’ i was to register in DE, am I correct in saying (and please excuse me if this is a silly question…) that the VAT that I would normally pay for my sales to Germany but currently pay for in my UK VAT returns, would then be paid for on DE VAT returns instead - it wouldn’t be paid twice would it?? Thanks anyway, appreciate the advice.


No, the accounts are combined so you’d have to close your UK one to do this.

Assuming that you were never enrolled PAN-EU FBA in the past, email all the information to and state that you have taken all steps to confirm that you are not required to be registered for VAT in Germany because of X, Y, Z. There is no information that you or your tax adviser have indicating a need to be registered. You request reinstatement of your account and access to your funds or a written explanation of why Amazon has blocked your account and withheld your funds.


Thank you for the advice, i’ll give it a go. :slightly_smiling_face:


Will they pay out the funds in suspended account (due to no VAT number) after a while?

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