German Tax Certificate - Info Amazon Gives is Wrong


Has anyone actually received a German Tax Certificate?
I attended the webinar Amazon ran a few weeks ago and did what they told me to do - fill in the one page form. I heard nothing back from Germany and so I phoned t the German tax office who said that all of the info Amazon gave in the webinar was incorrect. They said they had thousands of applicants from the UK, all of which had completed the wrong form and that actually a five page form was needed.
I have been unable to make any contact with the Amazon VAT specialists to find out what to do. Can anyone help?


I am sorry to hear this. Unfortunately, it sounds like you won’t be able to obtain the German Tax Certificate in time.

I would suggest you to try e-mailing the Seller Performance to make them aware of your situation and see if this would help you avoid an account block in case you are unable to submit the document by the deadline.

Also, here you will find all necessary contact information of German tax offices which will provide you better advice than Amazon representatives:


Hi Kika, you say TRY. That is great advice; our company has been attempting to reach SS for months now, without a single sensible response? I am at the point of closing our account and stop selling through Amazon. Even that they won’t allow me… Not to speak about the balance in my account that has been frozen.
This starts to be a really hairy situation.